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  1. soudan

    A HUGE favor to ask! Please help me with my assignment!

    Hi All, I've been absent from the dive world due to going back to University, hope you've all been well. I am working on an assignment for a unit in my masters of architecture degree that has a very philosophical-phenomenological structure. Since this is the largest (friendly) international...
  2. soudan

    That Liquid!!!

    Hey every one, I haven't been around here for quite some time now. But I am here with a question! I am Overhauling my second and soon first stage, and I have taken it apart, and i know i am supposed to clean it with a liquid (i remember it was a blue liquid) But i don't really know what...
  3. soudan

    Are YOU the Face of Australia?

    Hey everyone, I know that a few of you are quite experienced in diving Aussie Waters, so i thought i would share this with y'all... The Underwater Channel in association with PADI is looking for you The Underwater Channel ( and PADI ( are looking to...
  4. soudan

    Living and Diving Tasmania!

    Hey Every one, I am going to moving to Tasmania (Launceston) to study Architecture, and i wanted to know a bit about Tasmania! So here are a few questions for y'all: 1- How is the Diving in Tasmania? 2- How hard is it to get a job as a Divemaster or a Scuba instructor in the summer? 3-...
  5. soudan

    Waterproof Electric Engine!!!

    Ok here is the deal, I wanna make a mini ROV just for fun, but i ran through a few problems while thinking of how to make one. here are the issues: 1. How will the shaft go from the motor to the propeller without water getting to the engine? 2. how do you water proof the weirs going from...
  6. soudan

    sunnto mosquito

    First of all, i want to wish every body a Happy New Year. I want your Opinions on the sunnto mosquito computer, don't just say you like it or you hate it, tell me why?? Thanks to all.
  7. soudan

    How Old Are You??

    OK, just wanted to fined out which age ranges include the most and the least divers. so go ahead and select yours.
  8. soudan

    Show-off your work

    OK, so a good way to learn photography is to see other photographer's work, but the best way to learn is to know how they took it and what they took that photo with. that being said, I would like for all photographers (land or UW) to post their photos. The requirement is, you have to add the...
  9. soudan

    Dive watch!!

    OK, so CASIO makes this dive watch called "Sea Pathfinder Diver Watch" i wanted to know if any body used it before, and if any body knows what is its capabilities??
  10. soudan

    UW camera Housing!!

    OK, i am planning to make an under water housing for my camera, and i don't know how to make a button that would be good under pressure and won't leak. pictures are a big help, but if you don't have any then a good explanation would do. thank y'all.
  11. soudan

    How far south??

    Well I've been told that there are great diving spots south of Hurghada and north of Sudan, but i don't really know what they are and how good are they and what kind of marine life lies in these waters, if you have an idea please educate me. thank y'all for reading.
  12. soudan


    I am thinking of going to Hurghada, and wanted to know what should i do when i go there, meaning which dives do y'all recommend? thanks every one.
  13. soudan


    Ok, so i just moved to Alexandria Egypt from Houston Texas, and i wanted to know if any body knows where to dive in or around Alexandria??
  14. soudan

    Diving is a passion

    Hi everyone, Well, The reason i am here is because i have not mad a dive in 8 weeks ever since i left the USA. I am Now in Egypt, Alexandria to be specific. i know there are places to dive, but i want to dive allot, and that is way out of my budget. so i came on here to seek other divers...
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