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  1. Silt Life

    Anyone own a Cool Pix 300w?

    I bought this camera a few years ago since my Stylus Tough was only good to 30 feet. I'm happy with just shooting in auto mode, but is there a better setting to help at depth since you can't add a filter to this camera? Here's a recent short video I shot in Puerto Rico in June that my neighbor...
  2. Silt Life

    Back Mount Pony Questions

    I know this is a somewhat controversial subject, but for those(and I know there's a few of you) that prefer back mounting or tank mounting a pony, do you use a button guage or regular SPG? On a short hose or long enough to pull up and see? Do you mount right side up or upside down from your main...
  3. Silt Life


    Everyone needs to watch this documentary~! So far I've only seen it offered on Netflix with bits and pieces available on Youtube. Mods: move if need be......
  4. Silt Life

    SOLD!!! Tusa Paragon Mask

    I have a brand new Tusa Paragon I'd like to let go. Never used, although I've tried it on. It just has a smaller field of view than my old mask (which I love) and with my wire-like mustache doesn't seal like I wish. These masks sell for $189+ but I'm willing to sell for $100 shipped in CONUS.
  5. Silt Life

    Do You Watch YouTube Videos For Tech Tips or Other Info?

    Being certified for less than two years I am still trying to learn as much as I can. I love reading all the forums here and I get a lot from them, but I also check out quite a few YouTube videos on diving related subjects or tech tips for equipment or set up. Which channels have you watched and...
  6. Silt Life

    Kid Friendly Things to do on Catalina

    Hopefully taking my nephew for a discover scuba dive at Catalina and was wondering if there was enough to do to keep the wives and three pre-teen boys busy while we dive? Appreciate any info you all may have~!
  7. Silt Life

    Puerto Rico Round Trip for $121?~!!!

    I’m heading to P R next week and was checking flights for a friend to join us and noticed a couple of days around Thanksgiving offering flights round trip for $121 from Atlanta. Wow~!
  8. Silt Life

    Thank you Princeton Tec

    My old PT Shockwave (a gift) snapped off at the grip and PT was nice enough to send me a refurbished Shockwave II shell to replace it! Love to see an American company that stands behind their products~!
  9. Silt Life

    New Diver in Atlanta

    Been certified about a year now with about ten dives so far and on my way back to Puerto Rico for a much needed vacation and some more diving Thanksgiving week. Anyone do the wall at La Parguera since the hurricane?
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