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  1. sullilabs

    Looking for buddy in Sydney

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a buddy to do some shore dives with. I'm a fairly new diver, with about 20 dives and just AOW certified. Been diving with my dive club a lot but no more guided shore dives with the latest restrictions for a while.. I live in the Eastern Suburbs so can get to a few...
  2. sullilabs

    Dive Gear Shop in Sydney / recommendation

    Thanks for the recommendations - much appreciated!
  3. sullilabs

    Dive Gear Shop in Sydney / recommendation

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for recommendations for where to buy diving gear in Sydney, NSW. I'm looking to buy my first wet suit and would like to be able to try it on before buying, so reluctant to buy it online. Any tips / recommendations appreciated! Thanks.
  4. sullilabs

    Hi from Sydney, Australia

    Hi everyone, thank you for welcoming you to your community. I've just started my own scuba journey, OW certified 3 weeks ago and up to Dive #8, learning and improving lots with each dive! I live in Sydney, and have only been diving in Cabbage Tree Bay Reserve there. Looking forward to...
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