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    Nekton boats may come back!!

    LEVIATHAN11 - I hope your ranting and raving made you feel better. Your right the dive industry is small, and word gets around real quick about those whose attitudes and actions are unprofessional (like your comments here), which will make trying to get employment in the dive industry a little...
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    Spring Cleaning--BC, Regs, Lights, Fins, Hardware, Camera(s) & Camera Gear.

    email me for pics, there about 2 years old i have had them less then a year
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    Spring Cleaning--BC, Regs, Lights, Fins, Hardware, Camera(s) & Camera Gear.

    SP-350 package is sold. Open to any offers on what remains, but please email me as Im not able to get on here all that often.
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    Spring Cleaning--BC, Regs, Lights, Fins, Hardware, Camera(s) & Camera Gear.

    In January I was injured on the job and its looking like it will be another month or two before I can go back. Being out this long is starting to put a little strain on things and selling these items would help relieve that strain. Reasonable offers will be considered, and Photos available...
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    Aqua lung Slingshot competition - VOTE TODAY - vote Mermaid!

    Well the wrasse harasser is gone so the mermaid is ontop by a long stretch. ;) Melena and good luck
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    Aqua lung Slingshot competition - VOTE TODAY - vote Mermaid!

    Is it me or is one of the front runners in that competition (not the mermaid ;), but the instructor that grabbed and held onto the Napoleon Wrasse) that violating a major rule of EPIC EPIC Rules and Regulations for photo contests. That guy should be Disqualified for that. If Aqualung is...
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    New Rules re Flying with Lithium Batteries

    so based on a limited number of incidents (4 cited in that pdf) thats pretty remote risk as comparing the odds is the same as a airline crashing. Logic and common sense seem to be lacking but then again consider who wrote the new rules and its not surprising considering TSAs record todate.
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    New Rules re Flying with Lithium Batteries

    BurBunny: TSA cant do the job it was originally assigned to do, let alone the other lunacy that they do every day that adds nothing but add to the security theater show. Ill stop there because the mods would whack my true opinion in a second. Safe Travel - this is most helpful you might want...
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    Teen drowns at North Texas scuba park

    I did read the entire thread before posting. Thats why i was questioning the instructors actions as i have seen what happens when the real H word gets abused/mis used to the point that when something does happen others dont react to the situation quickly and it makes the situation much worse.
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    Teen drowns at North Texas scuba park

    i got the heads up on this today while in a shop, and this is sad to say the least. It also leaves me wondering why there was a instructor having a class use the H word in a rescue class as to me thats a major contributing factor to this death, that will be investigated in the coming days. I...
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    FS - 2 5050's and housing

    Mods thanks for the split Sorry for neglecting this but school is keeping me busy and im almost done so im really busy. Both of the C5050's are in excellent condition and have been to oly in the past year to be checked under the service advisory posted awhile back. One of the cameras had...
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    How many Scouts and Scouters are on ScubaBoard (Boy Scouts)

    mike is that you. if you guys and gals can work on the scuba staff its the "coolest job" at the jamboree as the scuba staff has access to the most cool water on site. There are other perks of the position but you have to be there to understand. i already have 2010 blocked off on my schedule...
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    FS - 2 5050's and housing

    i know this is a ike housing thread but if any c5050 owners are looking for a backup camera im in the process of selling my 2 c5050 and pt-015 housing also with some misc spare parts, and inon optical sync cable. if your interested pm me for the list. i will post the list in the next day or so.
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    SP 350 vs 5060

    will that 2gb card work with the 350 as there have been some reports that the fuji cards dont play well with some oly cameras due to some on-card software/hardware?
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    Dive Flag epaulets (stickers) for your uniform

    These are still available. one note: these are stickers that go on your epaulets for your uniform. I have them on both my boy scout and venture loops. YIS Dan
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    My New Internet GF

    another problem with the photos is that the facial features dont match up at all plus the features arent africian they are more SE asia/pacific. you got to love scammers there getting a little smarter but not by much
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    Shooting the Moon.

    Shooting the moon can be quiet the trick as the values of the moon as so much higher then surrouonding areas. general rule of thumb for the shutter speed at F8 is 1/iso speed. This has worked fairly well for me just sometimes requires some bracketing. I use this trick when im wanting to...
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    Travelling with a housing

    Do you carry on the 1620 or check it? as i thought it was to big for a over head bin?
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    How many Chicago Bear fans we got here?

    and a interception off manning.... this is gonna be a good game
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