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  1. rjnjupiter

    Shark Court for Randy Emerald Charters Jupiter

    As you may be aware, I was cited by the FWC last February for allegedly feeding Sharks in State Waters. We've spent a year going back and forth and finally headed to trial this mornng for Jury selection. Yep, jury, 5 day trial and big thousands of dollars to prosecute a class 2 misdemeanor. Same...
  2. rjnjupiter

    FL shark diving

    Dan, don't be a pompous ass. You got ridiculed on Spearboard because you came off like an expert on everything diving. I'm sold out because I work hard and do a good job. Now, you want to publicly question my safety record. You can't hide here either. Learn what I do or quit hiding behind your...
  3. rjnjupiter

    Epic Goliath diving and more deaths +

    Unintended mortality? For real? Is that scientific code for its ok to kill a few. Try that with Cancer research. Mortality of these fish is NOT ACCEPTABLE! ---------- Post Merged at 01:11 PM ---------- Previous Post was at 01:07 PM ---------- You can count and tag fish underwater. Don DeMaria...
  4. rjnjupiter

    Epic Goliath diving and more deaths +

    I believe if you ask Dr Sarah,she would propose a less invasive method for aging.
  5. rjnjupiter

    Lionfish Eradication: Recipes, Killing Techniques, and Information

    It's official now so I'll tell you. Palm Beach County Reef Lionfish Derby. August 13. Over $5000 in cash and prizes. I will have details up on website in a few days. Look forward to your participation.
  6. rjnjupiter

    Lionfish Eradication: Recipes, Killing Techniques, and Information

    The Lion Tamer at lion fish liontamer can double as a muck stick or probe. I sell these to a lot of people that take them into the Caribbean. The trick is, the unit does not have a barber release a spear. Therefore can be considered not a pole spear. Good luck and thank you for considering...
  7. rjnjupiter

    Lionfish Eradication: Recipes, Killing Techniques, and Information

    You are doing a good job in keeping the population down in that area. They are elsewhere. If you kill at least 27% of a population ib an area, the population will not increase. Scientific stuff. We need to turn you loose in another area. Anybody need a Lion Tamer army? I have kileed 315 so far...
  8. rjnjupiter

    Single-Trip Lionfish Tournament- Jan 30th- Emerald Charters

    Wow I wish i had one of those outfits! Chug was on fire with the Lionfish! Are you getting your share. Tell your shop to call me and I will hold a seminar for them to include Safe handling, History , Phsiology Hunting Cleaning and best of all...Eating. Tell them to call Randy Lion Tamer at 561...
  9. rjnjupiter

    Lemon Sharks of Jupiter are in the house!

    Yeah Lemons aren't too cool with big groups. The first few divers tend to set them off and they leave. Smart to stay in one place and wait, they will come back eventually. Usually after most of the divers are gone. Sitiing quietly will give you longer bottom time and you may find you and your...
  10. rjnjupiter

    AUE identifies the historic whaleback steamer CITY OF EVERETT

    congrats. Mike. Can I go dive it with you?
  11. rjnjupiter

    Lemon Sharks of Jupiter are in the house!

    About time. We encountered a group of 25 to 30 Lemon Sharks hanging out near the deep ledge off Jupiter. As you know, Lemon Sharks aggregate in Jupiter this time of year. For them to hang together, they need current. This allows them to sit still on the bottom and let the water pass over their...
  12. rjnjupiter

    Lionfish Eradication: Recipes, Killing Techniques, and Information

    Great post Zen. First time seeing it. We are VERY aggressive with Lion Fish here on the Emerald. Our Lion Tamer Army has killed over 600 this year. I have taken 306 to date and kill a few every day. I invite you to visit my Lion Tamer website to see the tool we use.. lion fish liontamer. I...
  13. rjnjupiter

    Foldspear FAIL

    You could make something like it. The engineering to make it safe and the patent pending make it worth the purchase. I'll send you one for $34.95 and I'll pay the post. It works, is easy to tote and is available.
  14. rjnjupiter

    Lion Fish in Jupiter

    Gloves are not as important as you think amd actually get in the way. The Lionfish is very docile and when handled by the fas, it just stays paralyzed. They can't prick you if you hold them by the face. Just snip the dorsal fins off with a knife or shears. Also there are 2 very small prick fins...
  15. rjnjupiter

    Lion Fish in Jupiter

    I will be at the Force E tent sale Friday night with the Lion Tamer if you want to see. We have to get everyone OK with the Killing and eating of this pest.
  16. rjnjupiter

    Hurricanes, Tropical Storms and South Florida Diving

    It takes about one day for an event to settle down. The seas will go to 5 to 7 ft but should be back to normal by Thursday and good for the weekend. I am not a meteorologist but have lived in Florida my whole life. Good Luck with your plans.
  17. rjnjupiter

    Lion Fish in Jupiter This past weekend in Jupiter. If you are interested in helping to eliminate Lionfish, contact me. I will dive with you and show you how to safely remove and prepare these fish. I am finding them on all the reefs. I have removed 97...
  18. rjnjupiter

    Buoyantly Challenged New Diver looking for recommendations

    I teach this class free! Problem is Jupiter is ALL over 60 ft diving. Bouyancy is my special area of interest because I believe it is the single most important way to improve your dive skills. Smart to attack your future this way. Remember having trouble getting down is much safer than having...
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