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  1. Charred

    Best Margaritas

    Hi all, I see this topic discussed as a side topic but never directly. Who has the best margaritas on the island that cocktail perfectionists will enjoy? Any other local non-margarita cocktails I should be trying? I've been to a few bars but certainly not all of them. My personal...
  2. Charred

    State of Reef

    So I just returned from a week of diving hitting all the major sites. My last trip was in Nov2019. The reefs were horrifying in 2019 as the corals were bleaching due to the disease. Seeing all those bone white coral skeletons was not great. Fast forward, all those corals are dead and algae...
  3. Charred

    So Close!!!

    Last weekend I finally got a vaccine appointment for tomorrow with the second dose scheduled for 4 weeks! Add 2 more weeks for the immune system to ramp up... Add 1 more week just to be safe... Schedule a trip for mid-May! Hotels! Flights! Dives! Happy dancing in the kitchen with my wife...
  4. Charred

    Port Closed

    Port closed today. Windguru looks good for tomorrow and Tuesday. But Wednesday and Thursday are not looking good. :(
  5. Charred

    Current Water Temperature

    Can anyone that is actively diving share the water temp? I haven't found a reporting site I trust. If you have one, please do share. I'm trying to decide if I want my full 3mm, a shorty or just my rash guard.
  6. Charred

    Chankanaab vs Punta Sur Beach

    Hello all, I'm going to be in Cozumel in a few weeks. I promised the kids a beach day. Any recommendations of Chankanaab vs Punta Sur for playing in the surf and a bit of snorkeling? The kids are age 10 and 14. We have no interested in caged dolphins. Thanks for any recommendations.
  7. Charred


    Hi, I have been following the recent disappearances as a learning experience. There is a lot of mystery but one of the potential root causes is a down current. I have yet to personally encounter a down current and I continue to see mixed advice about how to handle - hug the reef or swim...
  8. Charred

    United flights from Newark

    I dont see any direct flights from Newark anymore. Are they gone?
  9. Charred

    Richard Branson's Blue Hole Trip

    Did anyone else watch Branson's Blue Hole trip? They took a few mini subs down to the bottom of Belize's Blue Hole. I wanted to like it but thought the show sucked as they spent way to much time talking about themselves and showing "selfies" than actual video of the hole. Cousteau's old...
  10. Charred

    TekTite Replacement Batteries?

    I want to replace the AA lithiums on my TekTite Mark-Lites. These are single LED single AA used as a tank marker. My Energizer Lithium AA do not work. They are every so slightly longer than the OEM battery and as a result the top cannot screw down far enough to turn the lights on. Anyone...
  11. Charred

    Thailand Cave Rescue

    Anyone following this on the news? I am really fascinated by this story. They are apparently shuttling doctors and nurses in and out, plus food and supplies, why is the news reporting that it will be nearly impossible to get the boys out? Anyone have more "technical" details on the challenges?
  12. Charred

    SAC Rate Changes with Depth

    Hi all, I just finished my second dive trip with a Perdix AI. It is constantly calculating my SAC rate. My last two trips were in Cozumel and the dive profile is usually deep (80-90ft) and then slowly working shallower or just shallower (50-60 feet). My average SAC is usually 15. However...
  13. Charred

    Harbor closed

    Hello, I am hearing the harbor will be closed again Monday. Any truth to this? Day drinking is not as fun as diving
  14. Charred

    Packing a BP/W for Travel

    I'm not trying to start any debate - just trying to share some info because I often hear that plates are too heavy to travel with. I'm leaving in 2 weeks for Cozumel so I was packing my bag. I thought I would weigh it when I was done. FWIW - All my main gear goes in a Patagonia Black Hole...
  15. Charred

    Camera for Candids

    I am looking to upgrade my GoPro3 to something more serious. I am looking for something to take pictures of my wife, kids, turtles, rays, and if chance ever shines on us, dolphins, etc. In essence, I want a camera with me while I am diving to capture an epic event. I won't be taking macros...
  16. Charred

    A Couple Non-Diving Cozumel Questions

    I have a family vacation to Cozumel next week. We are staying at the Iberostar down south. This is a family vacation where I get to do some diving (and not enough diving, its killing me). Can anyone recommend one of the "beaches" (the ones with all the inflatable slides) that is better...
  17. Charred

    Transmitter Mounting

    Hello, My wife just gave me a Perdix AI (yea!!!). I am struggling how to mount the transmitter (boo!!!). Below is how I mount my Atomic regulator. If I mount it directly to the first stage, it is going to be sticking up to the left (you can see the HP port in the picture). Worse, IMO...
  18. Charred

    BP/W Weighting for Young Daughter

    My daughter is 13 and going to be doing OW next month in Cozumel (I screened instructors during a Feb trip). My wife and I both dive DSS bp/ws. I am planning to buy the same for my daughter. We have steel plates. My daughter is 5'0" and 95 pounds. She is negative in a fresh water pool...
  19. Charred

    Easy sites to start the week

    Hello, My wife and I are heading to Bonaire Saturday for the first time. My wife is not very athletic and is coming off a broken ankle. I want this trip to go well. Can anyone recommend "easy" sites we can hit early in the week? I looking for sites that are easy to drive from Buddy...
  20. Charred


    We are arriving Saturday. Any idea what the impact will be? Potential Tropical Cyclone Two If you are there now, stay safe!
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