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  1. horn34

    El Moro needs help

    The large table full of 3 Pelicanos geriatric drunks and shrieking harpies was extremely pleasant to be around tonight.
  2. horn34

    Cabo Pulmo Early March

    We dove in CP this last March. You want a 5mm or 7mm. And gloves.
  3. horn34

    Questions re: Socorro, La Paz, Xcalak, Tulum, Bay of Pigs in April/May 2022

    If I had that much free time and cash in Cuba, I would add a liveaboard to Jardines de la Reina to your list. Definitely go to Banco Chinchorro, but go from Mahahual. You can go with Amigos del Mar or Tritones for $150/person. XTC just charges too much. Which doesn't mean you should skip...
  4. horn34

    Trip Report Cabo Pulmo - (again & again & again...) or Growing Pains.

    Sorry you got stuff taken, but theft is definitely up in CP. We always stay at Reinhards and leave gear drying overnight on the patio, never had a problem. Then we stayed with him last March and woke up to find someone had taken: and old dirty empty OXXO styrofoam cooler with stains and chunks...
  5. horn34

    Holbox diving

    No diving worth a crap in Holbox/El Cuyo/Progresso/etc. Gulf of Mexico water and no reef. Personally, I think Holbox has turned into a douchebag touristy "social influencer" hellhole, but whatever does it for you.
  6. horn34

    Shore diving in Mahahual

    There is plenty of boat diving in Mahahual/Xcalak/Chinchorro. Just no shore diving. Tulum has some cenotes and terrible ocean diving.
  7. horn34

    Shore diving in Mahahual

    There is no shore diving in Mahahual unless you want to swim out half a mile with your gear. Just book with Heike at Amigos del Mar, definitely go to Chinchorro with him.
  8. horn34

    Solo Female Yucatan Trip - Safety Concerns

    Get Wet is another fantastic dive op (all female) if you want an alternative for ocean/cenote/tec diving. Karini is awesome. There's a girl in Mahahual named Liv who is great too.
  9. horn34

    Trip Report Cabo San Lucas (Manta Scuba Diving)

    Were you eating at Hooters and Senor Frogs?
  10. horn34

    East Side Post Grace

    The sargassum that Grace blew away is back with a vengeance.
  11. horn34

    Los Isotes vs Lobos rock (San Rafaelito) for Sea Lion encounters

    There is really no comparison. San Rafaelito is a tiny rock with some sea lions, otherwise it's a boring dive. Go to Islotes/Espiritu Santo, it's a much better dive and interaction with the sea lion pups. Nacho is the guy I dive with.
  12. horn34

    One way ticket?

    Same here. Sometimes I drive in, then fly out, and vice versa. I usually just put 2 weeks down on the FMM.
  13. horn34

    Question regarding AA into Cozumel

    uh huh. Sure sparky. PSA: When you make a declarative statement not backed up by facts (or the link you posted), it's just your opinion.
  14. horn34

    Question regarding AA into Cozumel

    Nothing in that article mentions even a possibility of bankruptcy.
  15. horn34

    For Sale Lots of used SCUBA equipment for sale

    probably better to put this in the classified section, it will get more views....but since you are near Mexico City, your best bet is gonna be posting on FB Marketplace. The majority of Scubaboard sales are either local US pickups or go through a reliable postal system....which Mexico doesn't have.
  16. horn34

    Baja California - Road trip Summer ' 21

    Check out La Ventana, it's between Cabo Pulmo and La Paz. Cool town to chill in, take some kite surfing lessons.
  17. horn34

    Cruising into Cozumel and Costa Maya

    My friend is/was the manager. They may re-open at some point in the future, but there's not enough business right now to justify daily operations. I generally don't trust dive op websites, as most of the ops I use all over the Yucatan admit they rarely update them.
  18. horn34

    Cruising into Cozumel and Costa Maya

    Dreamtime closed. Amigos del Mar and Tritones are my go-to ops in Mahahual.
  19. horn34

    El Moro needs help

    Just got back, we were the only table at 2pm. Great as always. Support them if you can.
  20. horn34

    Banco Chinchorro: Xcalek or Majahual

    Xcalak has better diving, but is more expensive and has fewer lodging options. The Chinchorro trip will be $275 per person from XTC (6 person minimum) Mahahual has more lodging/restaurant options, but regular diving is not as good as Xcalak. Chinchorro trips will be cheaper, use Amigos del Mar...
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