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    Most of our electronic equipment plugs show: Input 100-240V which I think means we can plug our devices in without a converter. We have a couple of adapters that will work for Fiji. Help....are there any types of electronic equipment with this Input that shouldn't be used without a converter?
  2. islanddream

    Accommodations for DIN; tank sizes

    Do either Beqa Lagoon or or Volivoli resort have tanks with DIN valves? Do either resorts have AL100's available?
  3. islanddream

    Do you have a list of medications to take to Fiji?

    We've never been to Fiji or that far away from home on a dive trip. For those of you who have been to Fiji diving or other somewhat remote places, what medications did you take along. Obviously, if you're on prescription meds, you'll take those. What I'm looking for would be meds for cuts...
  4. islanddream

    Tres Pelicanos Rock!

    Every year we go to Cozumel to dive the beautiful reefs and enjoy the friendly people of Coz. This year four of us did our annual trek to Coz on October 19-27, 2018. Our airfare on Southwest out of Ft. Lauderdale to Cancun was around $250 RT per person. The ADO bus from the Cancun airport to...
  5. islanddream

    Aerobic exercise and weight workout several hours before diving

    I know that exercising after diving isn't a good thing to do, but what about exercising several hours before a two-tank dive? Since I had skin bends last year, I don't want to do anything to send me to the chamber again by doing something that I shouldn't prior to a dive.
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    Great dive vacation in St. Lucia

    On April 20, 2018, five of us from SE Florida arrived on the beautiful island of St. Lucia. None of us had been there before to dive (one person had a cruise ship stop many years ago). After reading reviews on SB and other forums, we decided St. Lucia was a dive destination not to be...
  7. islanddream

    How is time away from diving determined?

    I'm interested in understanding how a dive doctor determines how long a person should not dive after the bends. I ask this because I had skin bends about a month ago and was admitted to the chamber (US Navy Table 6 was used). I had no neurological problems, and after coming out of the chamber...
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    Help! Packing for Coz trip and need info...

    We are leaving for Coz in two days and I'm in the process of packing. I've looked at water temps on different websites but would like to know what temp you're getting at in the 60-80' range. Not surface temp...bottom temp. If you've been diving within the last few days, what water temp are...
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    Hubby and I were able to get in on the "Dave Deal" in October at Villa Aldora. We'd never stayed at the Villa and only dived a 2-tank trip once with Aldora on the east side (which was a wonderful experience!) a few years ago. Our trip was October 14-21 and was it ever fun! We did the bag-drag...
  10. islanddream

    St. Croix trip report....loved it!

    My husband and I and our two dive buddies ventured for the first time to St. Croix to experience the diving and the island. We arrived on June 18 and departed on June 25. First of the end of the trip we all asked ourselves: Why didn't we book a longer trip!!!!!! Accommodations...
  11. islanddream


    I just wrote a long review of our trip to St. Croix and saw the message "draft being saved" or some such language. I accidentally closed SB without actually pushing a SAVE button. Is my draft still somewhere to be found? If so, how do I access it?
  12. islanddream

    GoPro Hero 4 Silver Found today

    While diving Palancar Gardens today, we found a GoPro Hero 4 Silver on the reef. Did you lose it? If so, please let me know. Dive Master Tony at The Blue Angel Resort has it. I'll let him know if someone responds "yes" to this post.
  13. islanddream

    BARE 7mm Ladies 9-10 shortie

    $100 BARE Sport 7mm ladies size 9-10 shortie. Worn once. PM me if interested. If you live on the Treasure Coast we can meet to deliver, otherwise suit can be shipped.
  14. islanddream

    7mm BARE Farmer Jane wetsuit Ladies size 9-10

    $150 BARE Sport 7mm ladies size 9-10 Farmer Jane wetsuit. Never worn. PM me if interested. If you live on the Treasure Coast we can meet to deliver, otherwise suit can be shipped.
  15. islanddream

    5mm WATERPROOOF of Sweden wetsuit for sale Ladies M

    $250 This is the W1 5 mm Extreme Performance exposure suit and it's never been worn. If you are interested, please PM me. If you live on the Treasure Coast, I can meet you to deliver it, otherwise, I will ship the suit.
  16. islanddream

    Can the Transderm-Scop Patches be purchased over-the-counter in Cozumel?

    In the U.S. you need a prescription for the Scop-patch. I'm wondering if you need one in Cozumel? If you've purchased them in Coz, could you let me know where and the cost. I got 4 patches for $62.57 (insurance won't pay for them) a few weeks ago after my doc wrote me a prescription...
  17. islanddream

    How do you determine if you should go to a bp/w or stay with a jacket BCD?

    The more I read on SB, the more I wonder if I should migrate to a bp/w. I've got over 100 dives now and have a SeaQuest Diva BCD that I've had since I got certified. I use 8 lbs of weight when wearing my 3mm wet suit in tropical waters. Buoyancy is good; AOW and Nitrox certified; deepest dive...
  18. islanddream

    Great Trip Diving with Emerald Charters

    After doing much research on ScubaBoard and Trip Advisor, the charter we chose for our first trip to Jupiter was Emerald Charters which is owned by Randy Jordan. Reservations for the charter are made through Scuba Works in Jupiter. I can't say enough good things about Jay and the rest of the...
  19. islanddream

    What are the water temps around Key Largo now?

    Hi: Headed to Key Largo on the weekend and would like to know what the water temps are right now. Thanks!
  20. islanddream

    Confused about dive rates

    I'm hoping I don't look like a :dork2: by asking this question. My husband and I are talking about a trip in August to southeast Florida to check out the diving in the Jupiter - Boynton areas. When looking at dive shop websites, I'm a bit confused about dive rates. An example would be...
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