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    Scuba Diving Acronyms

    My instructor told me to remember BWRAF as Bruce Willis ruins all films :D
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    Change a Letter

  3. laxdiver67

    Change a Letter

  4. laxdiver67

    Need help choosing where to Dive

    Are first dive on Monday is already scheduled with a DM. We will be traveling with two others that are non divers. The guy we talked to over the phone recommended shore diving the first day and told us if we wanted to dive again he would subtract the difference from the two and the three dive...
  5. laxdiver67

    Need help choosing where to Dive

    we will most likely at least shore dive every day
  6. laxdiver67

    Need help choosing where to Dive

    I'm headed to Cozumel in two weeks. I'll be diving with Scuba Du the day after I arrive (Mon July 26th) and have another dive paid for but have not selected the day I will go. I have the dive site schedule pasted below if anybody can help me choose a good spot it would be much appreciated...
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    Change a Letter

  8. laxdiver67

    What the hell is this all about ?

    This seems kind of sketchy.
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    Keys Reefs

    Hi everybody, I am trying to plan a dive trip somewhere close to home and the keys seem like the place to go. However I am new to diving so the cool wrecks the Duane are a bit deep. The wrecks seem like the main attractions but how are the reefs? How do they compare to the Caribbean? If I can't...
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    Scuba Fun - Bayahibe Dominican Republic

    Thanks for the update I might be headed to the Caribbean sometime soon I'll look into them
  11. laxdiver67

    Where to dive

    Hello everybody, I'm new to the Scuba Board but I have been reading this site for a while and I think you might be able to help me. I want to plan a 4 day dive trip over a long weekend sometime in January or February. Somewhere in the Caribbean would be nice but minimal travel time is important...
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    hey everybody I'm Laxdiver and really excited to be on the Board
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