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  1. Kensei

    Question Visual Inspection Expiration Date

    If a tank was visually inspected on say June 15th and passed, does this visual inspection expire on June 1st or June 30th of the following year according to the rules?
  2. Kensei

    Deep 6 Regulator Service on YouTube

    Found these videos on regulator service and discovered they were really a deep dive into performing maintenance on Deep 6 Signature 1st and 2nd stages. Very detailed and really well explained. Interested in hearing opinion of others.
  3. Kensei

    Paralenz Vaquita Release Date?

    Has Paralenz given a new release date for the Vaquita?
  4. Kensei

    Removing paint from galvanized tank

    I have a galvanized steel tank that was painted. I want to remove the paint without damaging the original galvanized finish. Suggestions?
  5. Kensei

    Divers in Mexico Discover Prehistoric Industrial Complex

    It was all about the ochre. Thousands of years ago, the first inhabitants of the Americas journeyed deep into caves in present-day Mexico to mine red ochre, a highly valued, natural clay earth pigment used as paint. Now, according to a new study, scientists and divers have discovered the first...
  6. Kensei

    Long Beach, CA Virtual Scuba Show 5/30-31

    The Long Beach Scuba Show for this year has been canceled. This weekend, there will be a "virtual" show with free online presentations. To learn more go to: Scuba Show
  7. Kensei

    Diving Near Siesta Key

    I'll be attending a wedding on May 23rd on Siesta Key. I'll be there for a few days and may have some time to dive. Is there any good diving near there? If I dive I'll be renting most of my gear.
  8. Kensei

    Kraken Maintenance Question

    Does this link for cleaning/maintenance of vintage double hose regulators apply also to the Kraken? Care & Maintenance | Vintage Double Hose
  9. Kensei

    Why are New 7/8-14 UNF Tank Valves Air-Only?

    I have two tanks with 7/8 inch Thermo 5282-5250 valves that are "EAN Ready" according to the 2004 Thermo catalogue. The new 7/8-14 UNF valve is rated as air-only now . What changed that makes the current valve "air-only" when the previous one was EAN ready? If I'm using the new valve on an...
  10. Kensei

    New 7/8-14 UNF Tank Valves

    The only new 7/8 inch tank valve I can find is this XS Scuba valve that is air only. I'd like one that is O2 compatible up to 40%, pre-mixed. Are there others being made? I realize this is a very old standard now so I assume demand is quite small.
  11. Kensei

    Shaw's/Crescent Viz

    Has anyone dove here recently (like on or after 6/4) that could give a report on visibility? We're from the Redondo Beach area and are thinking of doing a night dive on Saturday, 6/8.
  12. Kensei

    Potential Safety Aid for Divers Exposed to High-Pressure Oxygen

    I found this article pretty interesting. Nothing conclusive but I'll be following this research in the future. Although not mentioned in the article, University of South Florida has one of the top ketone researchers in the US with Dom D'Agostino... and he's also a very accomplished diver...
  13. Kensei

    Flexible Hoses

    Any plans to carry flexible braided hoses?
  14. Kensei

    Opinion on Deep Outdoors BC

    I have the opportunity to buy a new Deep Outdoors BC for $125. DO was bought by Ocean Research Group in 2010 but apparently was still a brand w/in ORG for a while. I don't see anything about DO on the ORG website now. Hence, zero support if I buy this thing. Is it worth taking a chance?
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