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  1. XS-NRG

    How do I read raw computer dive data?

    Hi there, Without getting into a long story, I had a major computer (laptop) failure and have lost everything including my scuba logbook. I have a backup dump file that shows the raw profile data for each dive and I was wondering if anyone knows what the numbers mean and how I can turn them...
  2. XS-NRG

    What are some decent inexpensive places to stay in Bonaire for a short 6 day trip

    Hey everyone, I'm planning a trip to the Southwest Caribbean on a family vacation and want to puddle jump over to Bonaire to meet friends from our LDS doing a big trip there the week before. Unfortunately there is overlap between the two so I can't enjoy both trips fully but still would like to...
  3. XS-NRG

    Lionfish Hunting in Bonaire and Curacao

    I've been trying to look up info on lionfish hunting in Bonaire and Curacao and have come up with old articles and wonder what the current status of this is. I've heard in Bonaire you can only do it on a boat dive with a local guide. What about Curacao. Sounds like spearfishing is illegal...
  4. XS-NRG

    EON Steel firmware update suggestions

    Would this be an acceptable place to give some suggestions for future firmware releases for the EON Steel or is there somewhere I can email direct?
  5. XS-NRG

    Dive Computer Buddy for EON Steel

    Is there any word on if the EON Steel will be supported for the DC buddy? Looks like it's just the cable that's required. Thanks :cool2:
  6. XS-NRG

    EON Steel Question regarding compass bezel and reciprocals - missing feature?

    So I went to a dive shop yesterday and got some hands on time with the EON Steel and I have to say I really like it. It is quite heavy and smaller than I thought and you do need to tighten the strap considerably to stop it from rattling around on a bare arm but I'm sure that's something I'll get...
  7. XS-NRG

    Milestone Reached - Master Scuba Diver

    Having just completed my 5th specialty (night diving cert) this past weekend I have now reached the title of PADI Master Scuba Diver!!! This has always been a goal of mine since sitting in my OW class looking at the poster for the various levels you can get to (without becoming an instructor)...
  8. XS-NRG

    BCD Dump valve knob

    Hey, not sure where to post this so I'll try here, anyone know where I can find a RED dump valve knob. Looking for one to replace mine on my BCD as I can never find it because of the shape and color. I found a grey one online that I may have to go with and it looks like this...
  9. XS-NRG

    New Legend LX Supreme vs LUX Supreme

    Other than the gold trim accents what's the difference between the Legend LX Supreme vs LUX Supreme?
  10. XS-NRG

    First milestone achieved this weekend!

    My SCUBA diving career has not really been very long and many here have seen some of my progressions since last October when I felt I had many repetitive questions that were perhaps answered before. I feel I have come quite a long way but am always learning too. I suppose getting OW and AOW...
  11. XS-NRG

    PADI Drysuit Course confusion REC vs TEC

    Hey everyone, I'm about to take the PADI dry suit course and doing a bit of reading I've discovered something a bit shocking and would like to confirm the validity of this. This is a quote from a website outlining the controversy between rec DS and tec diving with a DS: Can some of the...
  12. XS-NRG

    Confused about REC vs TEC for "certain" activities!

    After doing a bit of research I think I'm more confused than when I first started in the topic of what some divers and agencies classify rec and tec diving. In particular I'm referring to penetrations and overhead confined areas. As I'm strictly a PADI diver (so far) it looks like: Wreck...
  13. XS-NRG

    WTB: Suunto Zoop Download Cable - USED!!!

    I'd like to get a used Suunto Zoop download cable from someone who no longer needs their cable please. I don't really like the idea of paying over $100 for a cable that should have been included in the first place with the computer. Anyone wanting to part with theirs and willing to sell at a...
  14. XS-NRG

    Anyone else having problems getting the new PADI E-card???

    Just got my PADI iPhone app update this morning which claims ecards are available for ALL levels now (see picture below). There is a web address you need to goto to get the card but it doesn't seem to work as intended. When you goto the link Scuba Certification Cards - Replacement for Lost &...
  15. XS-NRG

    Simple question about TUSA gauge and Nitrox

    Is the SCA-230 PLATINA 2-GAUGE Nitrox ready? Can I use up to EAN40 with this like I can with all my other gear? Tired looking it up on dive shop website and manufacturer website but no love. Thanks.
  16. XS-NRG

    WTB: PADI Nav Finder

    It seems the Padi Nav finder is discontinued and I can't find it at any online stores, kijiji or ebay. Does anyone have one that's in really good condition and would like to sell it to me? Thanks.
  17. XS-NRG

    Mares Abyss 22 Extreme Regulator

    It seems that the Mares Abyss 22 Extreme Regulator is discontinued. I just bought this for it's cold water ability for a steal of a deal, but I'm wondering if this was a bad purchase and if this unit is inferior? Maybe compared to the latest and greatest it might be inferior but is there...
  18. XS-NRG

    Just bought a new BCD!!!

    I have now taken the first step to becoming a serious diver with the purchase of my first piece of gear. A new BCD. I opted for the SeaQuest PRO QD i3. Anyone else have this one and have any comments about theirs. I'm really looking forward to the inflation system. I'm not really a big fan of...
  19. XS-NRG

    PADI RDP Table Puzzling Question!

    Hi there, I have been looking over these PADI tables again just to keep fresh but I have one burning issue and I know this came up during class but there was a bit of controversy as to what the answer was so I'm bringing it to the table here. Let's assume I'm repetitive diving. After a dive I...
  20. XS-NRG

    PADI Altitude Diving Cards

    Hey there, I have a very simple question. Are there cards for altitude diving that show the theoretical depths on the same size plasticized cards that the following all seem to be on: RDP, EAN32, EAN36, DSAT Oxygen Exposure, Adventures in Diving Multipurpose Data Carrier. A picture to...
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