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  1. ADeadlierSnake

    Diving Concepts bankrupt?

    I've been hearing rumors (Diving Concepts Files for Bankruptcy | ScubaGadget - Scuba News Service) that Diving Concepts has filed for bankruptcy, and there is a whole topic on my local dive forum full of people claiming they cannot get in touch with the company. Does anybody know if this is...
  2. ADeadlierSnake

    Diving Concepts elastic waist band

    <Solved> Can a mod delete this?
  3. ADeadlierSnake

    Sex doll rescued by Turkish divers

    Sex Doll 'Rescued' By Turkish Divers In Black Sea Resort I was so very VERY tempted to post this in the A/I forum. It may not qualify as an accident, but it is definitely an incident! :rofl3:
  4. ADeadlierSnake

    Current: How fast is too fast?

    Pretty basic question, so I dont need a very lengthy answer. Ive dealt with current enough times, but theres really only been a couple of instances where ive actually seen the current chart for a dive with current beforehand, so I still dont really have a reference point for what is too much...
  5. ADeadlierSnake

    The Deco Stop down?

    Anyone else getting a message saying that the domain name expired?
  6. ADeadlierSnake

    Apeks inflator threads

    My Apeks inflator valve is leaking out of the base of the metal piece that actually connects to the inflator hose. I had shop remove it, and we discovered that the plastic threads are completely worn away in some places. I am curious why Apeks makes inflator valves like this instead of having a...
  7. ADeadlierSnake

    Critical Accident Rescues/Incidents - How many involvements have you had?

    How many times have you witnessed or been involved in a rescue attempt where the diver being rescued was in critical condition? I apologize for the length of the question, but I summed it up in as few words as possible. I witnessed my first diver emergency yesterday, and the part that...
  8. ADeadlierSnake

    Regs comparable to the MK25/S600

    Im curious what regs out there are comparable to the MK25/S600 in terms of performance. I own 3 of said regulator (for my singles rig and my doubles rig), and now that I am moving into tech, I am looking for a reg for a deco bottle. I would love for that reg to be a MK25/S600, however I am not...
  9. ADeadlierSnake

    Body Positioning/Trim Issues

    I have about 125 dives now, and for the last 60 or so, my trim has been pretty good. However I seem to have hit a standstill. I cant seem to make it feel "perfect" underwater. I believe my weight distribution is solid, so I am fairly certain that it is the body positioning that I cant seem to...
  10. ADeadlierSnake

    How did old-school deep air divers avoid ox tox hits?

    DISCLAIMER: This is not the monthly "deep air" thread. I am not attempting to promote deep air diving, nor am I considering it. Onto the question... I recently read Shadow Divers and it got me wondering how in the hell these guys were avoiding dropping dead left and right from ox tox hits. I...
  11. ADeadlierSnake

    Justifying solo diving to others

    Does it ever get old/annoying? I have mentioned it to people before, and mentioned that its something i might be interested in down the road, and so far EVERYONE ive mentioned it to has just flipped out. So im not even a solo diver (yet) and its already getting old. I havent had one person say...
  12. ADeadlierSnake

    Pony Bottle Mounting

    Okay, so im not sure where this question belongs, so hopefully this forum works. Here goes: So lately ive been hanging out at my LDS, talking to the owner, and getting all sorts of neat tips and tricks from him. I had been interested in getting a pony bottle, so we talked about different...
  13. ADeadlierSnake

    Cost of Tec Diving?

    I first got my open water certification last August, and since then it has been my goal to be able to support a dive lifestyle for my whole life. I really want a career in diving (but it seems the only option for that is an instructor or a commercial diver), but i also want to be able to have...
  14. ADeadlierSnake

    Central Oregon Dive Partner

    Okay, well im new to this forum, and its kind of massive (i could spend all day browsing this place), so hopefully this is an okay place to make a post like this. Im 19 (male), and located in Central Oregon (Bend) and with summer approaching I am beginning a hunt for a dive partner I can dive...
  15. ADeadlierSnake

    Hi from Oregon. Or Washington. Or Hawaii.

    I kinda flutter between those 3 states atm. So anyways, im new here to this forum. havent been diving for very long (only since last september), but diving is my life. I am working on turning it into a career for me atm, either through commercial, search and rescue, or tec. I have a VERY strong...
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