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  1. txapacheguy

    Poseidon Regulator Set

    I am selling my Poseidon regulator set. I purchased it used in 2010, and used the first stage and one of the seconds for a pony bottle/stage bottle regulator. It is inconvenient for me to have this regulator serviced where I live and difficult for me to get parts for. A non-Poseidon dealer LDS...
  2. txapacheguy

    Whites Fusion with Tech Skin, Si-Tech Rings, Silicone Wrist and Neck Seals

    I am selling my Whites Fusion suit to free up some resources to fund other diving acquisitions. This suit has served me well since I have owned it. It was purchased as a new suit in May of 2011, and I purchased it in November of 2011 with only 8 dives on it. It has been stored in a dry, climate...
  3. txapacheguy

    Cavern Course at Bonne Terre Mine

    I am looking to take the Cavern Course at Bonne Terre Mine in November with West End Diving. :: Welcome to West End Diving :: Professional Diving Centers Since 1960 :: I will be driving from Colorado Springs, CO the day prior, and returning on the day after the course. Since I have...
  4. txapacheguy

    USIA Drysuit Purchase?

    I am posting this a little late in the game, but any input would be welcome. I am looking at buying my first drysuit tomorrow. It is a 2000 or 2001 model USIA Aquasport that I found on a local craigslist ad. I will be paying about $150 for it, and it comes with an undergarmet, neck ring, bag...
  5. txapacheguy

    When is a cave a cave?

    My wife and I are both Advanced Open Water divers, and are going to be diving at Vortex Springs in FL soon. I have read the warnings about cave diving, and believe that I adequately understand the dangers of this activity. I know that there is a difference between cave and cavern diving, and...
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