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  1. -Moe

    In pool trim check

    Does it make sense to do some experiments in a pool before ocean diving? In other words does positioning of weight pouch locations and proportioning of weight distribution still transfer although the total weight itself will have to be adjusted for salt? All gear including exposure...
  2. -Moe

    100-year-old man goes scuba diving for Guinness record

    100-year-old man goes scuba diving for Guinness record
  3. -Moe

    IOS 13 and Mares Icon HD compatible dive log apps

    I have been using the Divemate app and their Fusion USB adapter until now to connect my Icon to my iPhone to download and log dives.. Suddenly Divemate has revised history and removed all evidence from their website that they ever had an IOS product and removed the app from the App Store...
  4. -Moe

    Mares Icon HD wall adapter output.

    What is the output stated on the original Mares wall charger? I have to bring a generic since it appears that I may have left my original at the last hotel I stayed at. If it makes a difference my Icon HD Black is a year old in the event they changed the specs.
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