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  1. Divegoose

    IAH Accommodations

    I will be travelling to and from Cozumel in late November, and have overnight layovers in Houston. Looking for recommendations on places to stay at or near IAH. Divegoose
  2. Divegoose

    Sea Life Sea Dragon Flash

    I have a Sea Dragon flash that I use in conjunction with my DC2000 camera. Lately I have had an issue whereby the flash either won't turn on once I descend, or fails to turn back on during the course of a dive. This morning I descended to approximately 15 feet, turned on the flash, and took a...
  3. Divegoose

    Cozumel in September or October ??

    With most of us cancelling our planned trip this month, we are looking to re-book, possibly in September or October. What are conditions like during these months ? Divegoose
  4. Divegoose

    March Roll Call

    Divegoose..........Mar 21 to Apr 4.........Scuba Club............Scuba Club with large group from Sharky's in Ottawa Divegoose
  5. Divegoose

    BnB Recommendations

    Will be in Cozumel in a couple of months, but arrive the day before we check in to the resort. Looking for recommendations for a BnB for a one night stay. Thanks !! Divegoose
  6. Divegoose


    For the majority of Canadian jurisdictions, the local police service provides "underwater recovery" services. They do not have "rescue" capabilities. In the western provinces, and the martimes, the RCMP "URT" (underwater recovery team) is called in the event of a drowning. In provinces without...
  7. Divegoose

    DC2000 - Moisture in Housing

    I recently received a Sea Life DC2000 Pro Duo kit as a Christmas gift. I have taken it on approximately 15 dives. Results have been mixed - some very good shots, and some not so very good shots. The problem I am experiencing is moisture within the housing. The first couple of dives there...
  8. Divegoose

    April 2019 Roll Call

    I see that Sharky60 has started a May 2019 roll call thread. Guess I better start an April 2019 roll call :happywave: Divegoose April 3 - 13th Scuba Club
  9. Divegoose

    Ocean Wise 2019 Lingcod Egg Mass Survey

    This message is forwarded from Laura Borden, regarding the 2019 ling cod egg mass survey. Please take part if you can, and send your observations using the link. Divegoose *********************************************************************************************** Hello Divers, Starting...
  10. Divegoose

    New Room Tax ??

    Booked my April dive holiday today, Along with the booking form I got a notice that said "We wanted to inform you about a new government tax which is $25 pesos per room per night". :shakehead: When was this implemented ? I'm sure that it is probably just "another fee" that the government...
  11. Divegoose

    Background Music

    I was on Scubaboard this morning, when all of a sudden background music started to play. Never had this happen before. When trying to figure out where it was coming from, I noticed a "mute" icon the the tab. Is this something new ?? Divegoose
  12. Divegoose

    March 2018 Roll Call

    Might as well get this started !! Divegoose Scuba Club Cozumel March 16 - 31 Divegoose :happywave:
  13. Divegoose

    Hotels Near LAX ??

    I will be travelling through LAX at the end of March, on my way back home from Cozumel. I have a long layover - almost 13 hours. :( Any recommendations on hotels for an overnight stay? Any hotels to avoid ? I am already over budget on my Cozumel trip, so don't want anything real fancy...
  14. Divegoose

    Farrington Diving - Central Alberta

    A question for the Alberta dive community !! Is Roy Farrington and Farrington Diving still active in central Alberta ? Last I heard he was operating from his residence in the Blackfalds area. I know Roy from back in the early 80's when he owned and operated Starboard Diving in Red Deer...
  15. Divegoose

    Oceanic Pro Plus 2 vs Pro Plus 3 HP Hose

    I currently have an Oceanic Pro Plus 2 that is nearing the end of its functional life cycle, and am considering upgrading to the Pro Plus 3. Just wondering if the Pro Plus 3 is compatible with a Pro Plus 2 HP hose. If I can buy just the computer and compass, without the hose, I will have a few...
  16. Divegoose

    March 2017 Roll Call

    Might as well get this started !! After a one year absence, I will be at Scuba Club from March 18 until April 1st. :) Will be diving with all my friends from Sharky's Scuba in Ottawa. :yeahbaby: Divegoose
  17. Divegoose

    Diver Separation

    Three of us started out on a dive at one of our local shore dive sites. We had planned to go out, head down the sand chute, turn left, and head over to the wolf eel den to check on the resident wolf eels. We got to about 20 feet when one buddy signaled a problem with his camera. He indicated...
  18. Divegoose

    Scuba Club Webcam

    It appears that the Scuba Club webcam went down sometime yesterday :( Can't get my daily fix of my favorite dive resort. :eek: Hope it is up and running soon !! Divegoose
  19. Divegoose

    Found Underwater Camera

    An underwater camera was found at one of the Nanoose dive sites this past weekend. If you lost your camera, contact Shelagh at Sink or Swim Scuba. Describe the camera and the site where it was lost, and it will be returned. Phone number for Sink or Swim is 250-758-7946 and their e-mail...
  20. Divegoose

    Found At Scuba Club Cozumel

    As I was packing up yesterday, and making a final check of my locker, I noticed a surface marker buoy, and a line spool that had been sitting by themselves in a nearby locker for about three days. The surface marker buoy was an "Innovative Scuba Concepts" and the line spool was white line and...
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