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  1. Jay Roy

    Bare 3mm Hyperstretch Wetsuit XL

    3mm Bare hyperstretch wetsuit. I only used it down south, so maybe has 15 dives on it max..size XL In excellent condition. $65
  2. Jay Roy

    FS--Canon Digital Cam and Housing

    For Sale Canon PowerShot A85 Digital Camera...4mp 3 memory cards and Canon underwater housing... Never been flooded... The camera also shoots video which works out kind of nice underwater. USB cable also included. $280 or best
  3. Jay Roy

    Suunto Download Cable

    I just purchased a Suunto download cable for my Vytec..when I got home and opened the box, I noticed it's for a com port and not a usb laptop doesnt have a com port..I'm wondering if anyone has had any success with using a com to usb adapter for this..I would just return it and order...
  4. Jay Roy

    St Moritz Nereos battery change

    Hi All Just wondering if anyone has changed the battery on their Nereos watch themselves or at a local watch shop....Instead of sending it all the way to Vancouver for god knows how long.. Thanks
  5. Jay Roy

    El Senador Cayo Coco

    Hi folks.... Anyone here been to El Senador in Cayo Coco and done any diving? I'll be heading there in March and want to get some contact numbers or emails so I can start setting some things up....Experiences good or bad will be appreciated as well. Thanks
  6. Jay Roy

    cochran commader ?'s

    Hi there I have recently switched computers from a Suunnto Gekko to a Cochran Commander and I was wondering if anyone could answer a question for me...I'm used to my Gekko showing a safety stop, my Cochran doesnt show a stop. I'm wondering if that is because I have the conservitism set at...
  7. Jay Roy

    Diving is Frustrating

    Or should I say lack of diving is frustrating. I'm starting to think that diving is not a good sport to get into, unless you have a close friend that doesnt have a huge amount of experience. Otherwise, your never going to get in the water. Last winter I thought that I needed a new hobby, and...
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