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  1. TwoFishDivers Bali

    Nusa Lembongan

    Thank you Muzzman! I am pleased that you like our place! We did not show you the mola mola like that you will have to come back!!! No seriously 7 is a good number! We had the mantas on holidays for a month but they are back now! One of the black Manta has been named Jace of Spade from Jason! Was...
  2. TwoFishDivers Bali

    trip report: TWO Fish divers - Nusa Lembongan

    Hi Ben, Thanks for this report! Always nice to hear that guest spend good time with us! How are you doing now? Here is getting more quiet and the team is all good. I am doing some fresh bread and home made jam now for the restaurant! You will have to try. Ludo you should be the one coming...
  3. TwoFishDivers Bali

    DSD + OW - Dive shop recommendation - Bali

    Hi Instructorinasia, Thanks for the recommendation! Always good to hear that! For the rest i will say the same about doing a dsd before! It's always good to try before and then make the course. And doesn't cost extra most of the time! See you guys! Laurent
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