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  1. txapacheguy

    Rebreather with a long hose

    Diving an Optima with sidemounted bail outs. Golem BOV plumbed to my onboard diluent and to my right side bail out with a quick release fitting. Right side bailout has its second stage on a short hose, bungied to the tank valve/1st stage area. The long hose is on my left side bailout tank with...
  2. txapacheguy

    Poseidon Regulator Set

    SOLD!!! Thanks for looking!!!
  3. txapacheguy

    Poseidon Regulator Set

    The regs are still available.
  4. txapacheguy

    Poseidon Regulator Set

    In response to a question from another scubaboard member as to the model of these regs, I am posting a few more pictures and the following information. These regs came to me from another owner, and I was not provided any written documentation. My research indicates the first and second stages...
  5. txapacheguy

    Poseidon Regulator Set

    I am selling my Poseidon regulator set. I purchased it used in 2010, and used the first stage and one of the seconds for a pony bottle/stage bottle regulator. It is inconvenient for me to have this regulator serviced where I live and difficult for me to get parts for. A non-Poseidon dealer LDS...
  6. txapacheguy

    Whites Fusion with Tech Skin, Si-Tech Rings, Silicone Wrist and Neck Seals

    I am selling my Whites Fusion suit to free up some resources to fund other diving acquisitions. This suit has served me well since I have owned it. It was purchased as a new suit in May of 2011, and I purchased it in November of 2011 with only 8 dives on it. It has been stored in a dry, climate...
  7. txapacheguy

    Drysuit Pee valves

    Do any of you guys have any specific info about putting a P-Valve into a Whites Fusion suit with the tech skin? I am reluctant to install a valve that clamps the skin to the inner layer based on the way I normally don the suit. For applications where the two layers are not clamped together, did...
  8. txapacheguy

    HOG Doubles Scuba Regulator Setup

    When was this regulator set originally purchased?
  9. txapacheguy

    Hog and DIR gear configurations not welcome :-(

    I did the rescue class in a backplate/wing and drysuit, although I had not quite switched over to the long hose yet. The instructor did not personally prefer my configuration, but it presented a good opportunity for others in the class to see a different way of doing things and gave everyone a...
  10. txapacheguy

    what length hose are you using on a stage or pony (slung configuration)

    40 Inch. No swivel. Works great...
  11. txapacheguy

    DRIS Freebies - Ideas needed

    The drawstring bags you guys were giving out last year were great advertising and I enjoyed using it. I used mine to carry my lunch and stuff to work until the logo came off and it started giving out on me, and had dozens of people ask me about my diving, and about your shop from seeing the bag...
  12. txapacheguy

    PADI Drysuit Course confusion REC vs TEC

    I took my drysuit course from a PADI shop with instructors and divemsasters that, much like lots of folks on here, dove both rec and tec and were familiar with both configurations. I already owned the suit, and had been using it for six months, to include ice dives, at that point. The instructor...
  13. txapacheguy

    Farting in the big bathtub

    Nice!!! That relic looks to be from before the days of the chemical heaters that cause people problems with MREs and airplanes now, so it makes sense that the food itself is the issue. I have heard nothing of such a restriction for the last decade or so. Will have to ask the doc if there is...
  14. txapacheguy

    Farting in the big bathtub

    I don't recall seeing that in AR40-8(if you find a reference, please let me know), but there are certainly some genres of food that most guys will avoid before they relegate themselves to sit in an aircraft they may be unable to exit for any reason for up to 8 hours. Mexican is certainly one of...
  15. txapacheguy

    Your Post-Cavern Gear Configuration

    Backmounted Doubles and Full Cave Gear. Minus the reels, arrows, and cookies I carried for Cavern and Intro, my configuration did not change from what I used prior to those classes... I chose said configuration before having the opportunity to start any overhead training due to cave diving...
  16. txapacheguy

    Nitrox Question

    Without being familiar with the normal market price of dive shop services in Canada, I will go out on a limb and say that your shop is probably overcharging you a bit. I agree with the previous posts in that if you are getting premix EAN32, there should be no need for any special servicing...
  17. txapacheguy

    Should I wait on buying an underwater camera until I have more dive experience ?

    I started carrying around a camera somewhere around dive 30 or 40. I would have done so before that, but I did not own one capable of shooting underwater. I would recommend you consider a GoPro HD Hero if you just want a point and shoot camera, and one that will shoot video. They are waterproof...
  18. txapacheguy

    alternatives to knives for escaping monofilament?

    I normally roll with a Z-knife and a serrated knife on my harness, and a pair of shears in a pocket. I have never had to cut my way out of monofilament, but I would expect that the z-knife would be the easiest tool to use for said purpose. I have one of the benchmade strap cutter hooks from my...
  19. txapacheguy

    Question re: doubles

    I would recommend that you get the doubles set up and start using them. I did this early last year, and will not be going back to singles. Don't forget when you get ready to buy your manifold that the valves on some manifolds have plugs available to split the tanks without having to replace...
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