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  1. dive_gorilla

    Scuba Diving Magazine back issues 2005

    I have 10 issues of scubadiving magazine from 2005 that I'm selling on ebay. This set happens to have both September issues which had two different cover shots of Jessica Alba for Into the Blue. The link is Scuba Diving Magazines 2005 with both Jessica Alba Cove - eBay (item 170468435011 end...
  2. dive_gorilla

    Mental Illness and Diving

    I found this article in the Stars and Stripes news paper online version about a wounded warriors scuba program in Bamberg, Germany. Wounded find new freedom in scuba classes | Stars and Stripes For those of you who don't know about it, Stars and Stripes is a newspaper for servicemembers...
  3. dive_gorilla

    Mental Illness and Diving

    WOW!!! I stumbled on this thread and took a while to read through it. A lot of good points were made and some not-so-good. Though I'm sure Estrella has already been on her vacation, I'd like to throw in my two cents for others who may have her condition and want to take up diving. First...
  4. dive_gorilla

    PADI or SSI to go PRO

    Wish I would have read this one first. An old horse trainer once told me, "if you want to make a small fortune in the horse business, start with a large one." The same goes for diving. Sure there are some guys who make a decent living at it for their location, and some people get some...
  5. dive_gorilla

    PADI or SSI to go PRO

    The term affiliate in SSI speak doesn't mean you have to work for a dealer to teach. You just have to affiliate. The difference is subtle but I'll try to explain. Many dealers are dive shops or resorts. These places usually have their own staff. This doesn't mean you won't be able to teach...
  6. dive_gorilla

    Climate Change

    At least we can agree on this one.:)
  7. dive_gorilla

    Climate Change

    A lot of good points being brought up about this issue. I did check the link Skull provided and googled "Hadley Hacked." The implications are explosive; the timing is impeccable. Maybe we should look at this crisis from what we can observe and not from what the "experts" tell us. It's...
  8. dive_gorilla

    Climate Change

    It's amazing to me how controverisial this subject can be. Global warming is a fact of life. The cause may be debatable, but it's clear that humans are not helping the situation. Yes, volcanoes do contribute to global warming. There have been more drastic, even cataclysmic changes in the...
  9. dive_gorilla

    Climate Change

    As divers, we're more in tune with the environment than most people. I think the only other group who observes changes in their environment as much as we do are farmers. The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change or as it is commonly referred to in th enews as Copenhagen is...
  10. dive_gorilla

    How many military/ex-military people on the board?

    Fifteen Years U.S. Army. 2AD and 1st AD. Still serving the war fighter as a defense contractor in Korea. By the way, nobody is ex-military, we'd rather be called Veterans.
  11. dive_gorilla

    For Military---What flag is this??

    Long time for me too, but I am a defense contractor in Korea so I am still around the military. The Secretary of Defense Flag is only displayed when the Secretary of Defense is there. Just like in th eold days when the General was there, his flag was out. If he wasn't there, you didn't see...
  12. dive_gorilla

    The Silent World by Cousteau/Dumas

    I have this book and have read it several times. It's amazing how a 50+ year old book can still inspire us.
  13. dive_gorilla

    first drysuit dive today

    The weights on your cam strap only work as long as you have the backplate on. Once you remove it, your buoyancy changes. I found that out the hard way. Dry suits are cool. Nothing better than coming up on a surface interval and being dry on a winter day. Glad you enjoyed it.
  14. dive_gorilla

    list of Cousteau books?

    I believe his first book was Silent World. He wrote several books over the years about various species titled The Shark; The Whale; etc. He also wrote an encyclopedia style series called The Ocean World of Jacques Cousteau. They are numbered in series and there are over twenty of them. The...
  15. dive_gorilla

    AOW immediately after OW?

    Everybody makes good points for and against going AOW right after OW. But the supervised dives argument falls a little short with me. Like JimLap, I always try to get my students out diving with me after I certify them to keep them interested. I pick sites that are within their limits. This way...
  16. dive_gorilla

    Finally buying my own equipment, advise needed.

    Yes, you can mix and match brands of regulators. The LP and HP ports are standard across the major manufacturers. I have one regulator I use for students that has a Mares First and second stage, a Tusa Octopus, and a Scuba Pro SPG. Some manufacturers recommend certain combinations of their...
  17. dive_gorilla

    New to diving and SB

    First of all, welcome to diving. You're in a fantastic area for diving, especially with Ryan Air around. I live by Livorno, Italy but I work here in Korea. Just remember, good diving is where you find it (water helps). You can't go wrong with a 7mm wetsuit in your area. in the summer off...
  18. dive_gorilla

    Bubble path of other divers

    I was on a safety stop once. There were about eight other divers below me on their way up. There bubbles caused me to get a case of vertigo. I fixed it by looking at the ascent line in my hand. It can affect your buoyancy but I don't think you'd notice it. It would make you slightly negative.
  19. dive_gorilla

    Question on Equipment

    Not bad. I'm not familiar with all the brands listed. But you can't go wrong with ScubaPro. There is an old saying among carpenters that goes "it's a poor craftsman who blames his tools." The critical equipment listed (i.e. regulator and BCD) is from reputable manufactures. The rest is up to you...
  20. dive_gorilla

    How long does it take to receive certification?

    It sounds like a problem with your LDS. I submit applications for C-Cards online and have them for my students within a week. Talk to SSI International. They'll get to the bottom of it.
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