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  1. Capt Jim Wyatt

    HELIUM out the wazoo

    So today we watched the balloons being filled at Central Park West for the Macy's Thanksgiving parade. They used this truckload of helium to fill Baby Yoda, Snoopy and a few others.
  2. Capt Jim Wyatt

    Last Minute Cancellation in Cave Country

    I had folks to cancel at the last minute on the Rum House this afternoon. It will be available tomorrow (11/23/2021) at or around 1-2 PM if anyone is interested.
  3. Capt Jim Wyatt

    Tulum anyone?
  4. Capt Jim Wyatt

    GF LO

    While I realize this has been addressed in other forums I am wondering what you guys are doing for GF LO? For years I have been using GF LO at 30. I was advised to do this by a hyperbaric doc who is a NOAA DMO, amongst other credentials. These days I am reading where folks are using 50 as GF...
  5. Capt Jim Wyatt

    NSS-CDS Membership Meeting 5/22/2021

    NSS-CDS ANNUAL MEMBER'S MEETING May 22 6PM! ZOOM DETAILS: NSS-CDS is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Topic: NSS-CDS ANNUAL MEMBERS MEETING TO INCLUDE SEATING OF THE NEW BOARD Time: May 22, 2021 06:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada) Join Zoom Meeting
  6. Capt Jim Wyatt


    Since day one of my RB training as a student, as a diver and a RB instructor I have always used a HUD and felt like it was an integral part of a CCR. Now days not everyone feels like a HUD is essential and is an optional accessory on a CCR. How many here feel like a HUD is an...
  7. Capt Jim Wyatt

    Muddy Santa Fe

    As I sat on my porch two days ago I noticed the Santa Fe River was "muddy" looking. I have never seen it muddy before. When I dived Devil's Ear on Saturday we had to swim through muddy water to get to the log at the entrance. After talking to a couple of folks who are always studying the river...
  8. Capt Jim Wyatt

    DPV use at Ginnie

    I have received an inquiry regarding DPV training from 2 guys who were riding DPV's at Ginnie 20 years ago with no DPV certification. I recall that at one point old geezers were grandfathered in and Ginnie did not require the DPV cert for them. Is that policy still in place?
  9. Capt Jim Wyatt

    Who has had to bailout?

    I am curious as to who has had to bailout to open circuit and why?
  10. Capt Jim Wyatt

    For Sale Semi-Dry Suit - Never Used

    Tags are still on this suit. Suit is an XL and is slightly snug on me at 6'0" 198 lbs. Front-Zipper, built-in hood. Retails for over $500. I will take $350.00. You pay shipping -OR- local pickup in Cave Country. One image is the stock image off of the Aqua-Lung website, one image is of the...
  11. Capt Jim Wyatt

    Air or Nitrox as a diluent?

    More and more I am seeing/hearing about CCR divers using nitrox 30, 31, 32 etc. as a diluent in their CCR's for dives at and around 100 feet. I fail to see the advantage of this. Anyone care to explain an advantage?
  12. Capt Jim Wyatt

    Boat Diving Etiquette

    After reading a couple of posts on here about some boat diving issues I decided to add this thread to give folks a general idea about some boat behaviors that will help you have a better time. I am sure others will add other items and I may also. All the items on this list I have gotten from...
  13. Capt Jim Wyatt

    Petrel One Battery Issue

    I started a cave dive yesterday with my Petrel 1 with the battery icon showing 50%. I did not look at the voltage. I had an Energizer Ultimate Lithium battery in it, and the computer was set for that battery. Moments after getting into the water the computer went blank. Would not restart. Got...
  14. Capt Jim Wyatt

    Zero to Hero another look

    The recent Zero-to-Hero thread piqued my interest in reviewing this recurring issue and I did not want to hijack it. I am not advocating the Zero-to-Hero route, never have. But I have successfully run a handful of divers through a cave Zero-to-Hero class. Before I commit to taking these folks...
  15. Capt Jim Wyatt

    License Plate from New Hampshire found

    Found: New Hampshire license plate found at Buford. Expires 9/21. PM to claim.
  16. Capt Jim Wyatt

    NSS-CDS Board of Directors

    There will be a couple of seats open on the NSS-CDS BoD. Anyone interested in serving should PM me here. The only requirement is that you have to have been a NSS-CDS member for a year. Nominations must be in not later than February 13, 2021. This is a great way to give BACK to the cave diving...
  17. Capt Jim Wyatt

    Jasper Reels by Ralph Hood

    If anyone wants any of these reels PM me. I have a few brand new ones.
  18. Capt Jim Wyatt

    Cool Stuff today

    Two cool things today....I was running a lights out/gas sharing drill in the Peanut Tunnel today and 2 teams passed us -- both teams hid their lights and let my team pass. So often teams light up the team running the drill as if wondering what is going on. The other cool thing is that one of my...
  19. Capt Jim Wyatt

    SOLD!!! Shearwater Predator

    This Shearwater Predator dive computer (Trimix capable )was just serviced by Dive-Tronix this week. It has a new Faceplate & O-Ring, new battery cap, new battery holder, new carrying case, and a new Saft battery. The image is of the actual computer itself and not a stock image. This is an EXT...
  20. Capt Jim Wyatt

    Signature problem

    I have been trying to add an image to my signature and it does not work. As you can see I get what looks like a broken link for the image. is where the image lives. Any help appreciated...
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