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  1. Webad

    Belize Water Temps?? (Dec 2010)

    Hey Howard let us know how your dives went.... I dove in Feb one year and it was chilly for me. I prefer mid eighties. LOL
  2. Webad

    Divers at Play - Roatan

    You are so right barrycuda! Run, Run Run away from Divers at Play!
  3. Webad

    Hi, need info on Tabutne 1

    Owner of this was run out of Belize owing lots of money and leaving unpaid debts. Stay away!
  4. Webad

    Give a holla for HOCKEYNUT's Birthday!!!!!

    Hockey, diving, and beer. Oh, and girls! What more can a birthday boy want???? Happy Birthday dude!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Webad

    Post your Boast! (Pics of your catch)

    You da man, Wayward. :) GO KILL SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
  6. Webad

    Inexpensive Lodging

    OOPS I meant to say Each room has a cooler to hold extra beer or take fishing and hold your fish. :) Got lost in thought there... dreaming of my next visit. :)
  7. Webad

    Inexpensive Lodging

    Stay on Caye Caulker at Leeside, right on the , well, leeside of the island, beautiful sunsets, walk across the "street" to Belize Dive Services for wonderful diving. Leeside offers AC, microwave, cable TV, in room coffee, refrigerator, comfy beds. Also each room has The owner lives upstairs...
  8. Webad

    Belize photos, January 2008

    Wonderful photos. I have dove all those sites and your pictures are amazing! You captured all my favorites! Thanks for the link!
  9. Webad

    Where to dive in Caye Caulker?

    I agree..... Belize dive services are wonderful. I will be using them when I return in April.
  10. Webad


    I dive with just a skin. Winter months a shorty is a good idea for multiple dives.
  11. Webad

    Caye Caulker DS

    I got certified in 2000 with Paradise Down. Peter is correct, it no longer exists. I now use BDS, but Frenchies has a good rep too. You will love it!
  12. Webad

    Thanks to scubaboard for the Belize forum

    Hey Eco, I have heard great things about your operation on AC. I usually stay on CC and dive with BDS. You have a good rep tho! :)
  13. Webad

    Belize for Divaholics?

    Seahorse in Placentia the best bet for seeing Whalesharks. Dunno when the full moon is in May but best sightings a few days before and after the full moon. Good luck!
  14. Webad

    Tabutne liveaboard out of Belize?

    Yes they left a bad mark on Belize, leaving the other boats abandoned or trashed, not paying employees or bills. STAY AWAY!!!!!! No matter what name they are going by. Too many good reputible dive ops on the cayes to go with the likes of him.
  15. Webad

    Well Wishes for Kimber (TekDiveGirl)

    Good luck Kimber my thoughts are with you!
  16. Webad

    take the new Aussie citizenship test!!

    Ms. A we demand the answers!
  17. Webad

    Dangerous Hurricane Dean

    My friends in Belize who live in the cayes are boarded up and ready to evacuate when they "get the word".....
  18. Webad

    Jamaica and Hurricane Dean

    Yeah Jam check in and let us know you are ok
  19. Webad

    Happy Birthday Almitywife!!!

    Happy Day to you Ms. A..... may your belly be full of tim tam slams and a scubahelmet not far away.............. From the Jelly Belly Capital of the WORLD........... All the best!
  20. Webad

    Happy Birthday DB!!!

    Hey Happy Birthday to my favorite (sorta) Indian!!!!!!!!!! :)
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