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  1. DeputyDan

    Easiest Diving?

    Not #3. Some of the Saba dives "start" at around 90 feet - and can have strong currents in open ocean.
  2. DeputyDan

    St. Croix - Place(s) to stay

    Why not fly in the day of? The boat sits at the pier all day. Kat suggested we do that when I booked our week there.
  3. DeputyDan

    Is wolf / Darwin safe for youth divers?

    I would not take my kids there to dive. They have +/- 300 dives.
  4. DeputyDan

    Are new small pickups good for diving?

    I have seen many people use a Honda Element for their dive vehicle.
  5. DeputyDan

    What is the current going rate for gear to be serviced?

    Scubapro regs as well as Scubapro BC. Nothing special needed to be done. Gear is 18 years old but is in very good shape.
  6. DeputyDan

    What is the current going rate for gear to be serviced?

    Mine went from $180 to $360
  7. DeputyDan

    What is the current going rate for gear to be serviced?

    I am talking full service on BC, all regs and stages. My cost has doubled and I wondered if that was normal.
  8. DeputyDan

    Juliet liveaboard question

    On all the liveaboards I have ever done (including the Juliet) I always shower on the dive desk.. It's just not a big deal.
  9. DeputyDan

    Juliet repositioning to Turks

    Janie88, please post a trip report on the repositioning trip on the Juliet. I have done the Bahamas trip and am signed up for St. Croix. It would be good to know how this trip is!
  10. DeputyDan

    Cozumel trip report

    Cruise ship crowds - try Venice, Italy... A beautiful place after 5:00 pm... horrible during the day.
  11. DeputyDan

    Juliet recommendations?

    We dove with the Juliet last July. I would go back again and plan to do so on the St. Croix schedule. I do not remember seeing the DM in the water all week. Not a big deal to me. They do a nice variety of dives - deep shallow what's left of some wrecks - all in all very good.
  12. DeputyDan

    A Question for "Mature" Divers

    I did a trip to both Atlantis resorts in the Philippines. I would go back but for my wife it was a one and done. To her the travel was not worth the trip. I have older friends that we will no longer do flights over two hours with due to the vein thrombosis issues with them.
  13. DeputyDan

    Any recommendations on Bimini & Sea of Cortez?

    The Juliet is a good trip and in my opinion is an excellent $ value.
  14. DeputyDan

    Question on Cressi Leonardo

    Thanks for the feed back. I have decided to go with a Sherwood Peregrine
  15. DeputyDan

    Question on Cressi Leonardo

    I was thinking of purchasing one but read that this computer will not do the 3 minute count down for your safety stop. Is this true? Thanks.
  16. DeputyDan

    Need a recommendation for a Cancun operator

    Dive Aventuras Mexico scuba diving vacation packages Puerto Aventuras This is who my LDS uses when they do trips to that area.
  17. DeputyDan

    If you could live in Mexico for a few months...

    If diving is secondary look at Isla Mujeres. You can still do day trips to the Cancun area.
  18. DeputyDan

    Herd Immunity in Indonesia

    I bet one benjamin franklin that there is never a vaccine. We will get our seasonal COVID shot just like the flu shot. Hell, they may combine them. Do I know for sure - nope but this is what I would bet my money on over a vaccine.
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