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  1. davetowz

    A (stupid) gas blending question

    No energy driving the gases to "blend" = static values. Objects at rest tend to stay at rest unless a force drives them.
  2. davetowz

    SOLD!!! 18 CFM compressor

    Did you ever sell it? Price seems pretty high for a unit almost no one has a need for , and with issues.
  3. davetowz

    Why did I get a CO reading?

    I agree with Rjack. The co came out of suspension in the adsorbant and that is probably why you saw the spike. What filters are you using?
  4. davetowz

    Partial pressure blending on my compressor

    Did you figure it out? am in Ohio also and teach blending.Contact me if you have questions, .
  5. davetowz

    Why did I get a CO reading?

    What co detector are you using?
  6. davetowz

    Flex Seal glue trilam drysuit

    Not really a good idea. I have had several suits come in for repair that had flex seal attempts at DIY repair. I have had issues getting other adhesives to stick in areas where the flex seal was used. My suggestion is to fix it correctly the first time.
  7. davetowz

    Deep 6 1st stage IP adjustment: Down after seat set?

    1st.. You cannot use specs from deep 6 for a Poseidon. You are over analyzing an issue. maybe you should take the regs to someone who has an idea of what to do. Unless these are regs you are just playing with to learn on.
  8. davetowz

    Trimix stick

    Enough baffles that the analyzed mix after stick is similar to after compression... it is science you are dwelling in. There is probably math to calc it out, but that would be engineering. I usually use rule of thumb. Same mix out as in and minimal restriction. If the math eludes you as it does...
  9. davetowz

    Gary Gentile Wreck Books - How they differ?

    Only money. a few $$$ cruise amazon and pick them all up. Never enough reading material about diving.
  10. davetowz

    Looking for dive team with utd

    When you talk to James, tell him you always dive with redundant spare airs. Later you can tell him who said to say it :)
  11. davetowz

    Rescue Diver and Red Cross Cert (Cross posted in Basic Scuba)

    While true, Padi requires student materials ( and they charge ) Certification processing (Charge) Stupid fees annually for the instructor to keep teaching ( more charges) 30 bucks approx for the book and card. And if you want to teach o2, through Padi it is a specialty (no expiration, that...
  12. davetowz

    Phosphoric acid w/ Blue Gold for reg cleaning

    I usually use a bit of store shelf vinegar for corrosion, Simple green for cleaning. I have found that if the corrosion on a reg requires alot of work to remove it, the reg probably will have issues due to the removal of plating. Orings etc don't like to do the job in those environments.
  13. davetowz

    100th dive!

    Congrats on dive hundo and the win!
  14. davetowz

    Poseidon O-Ring Types and Size info

    A plus marine sells oring kits for the poseidons. Seats and diaphragms.. got me. I don't know of a good source other than Poseidon.
  15. davetowz

    Want to Buy Gas switch block Contact Ted, I know he has some available for a great price.
  16. davetowz

    SPG on Pony Bottle?

    When I dive single tank, I use a back mount 40. No gauge. I check the pressure prior to mounting the reg. I really don't need to know what is in the tank if I have to resort to it. The dive is over and I am heading up. I also don't dive single tanks deeper than 70 or 80 ft. I see a button gauge...
  17. davetowz

    Looking for a REAL dive ladder for my boat

    I am a fan of the diy ladder, I will get a better pic tomorrow, A little aluminum and some thought and you can come up with some good ideas. Just always remember to flip the ladder up before backing the trailer.
  18. davetowz

    New Diver in Cleveland Ohio

    Welcome to the addiction. I am near Columbus. I dive everywhere around here. I do a lot in Erie and the other Great Lakes. The quarries in Ohio are great places to get wet and work on building the diving skills. There are a large number of shipwrecks just north of you. 2 dive clubs are very...
  19. davetowz

    Tank Tumbling Help

    I always finish any tank servicing with a good wash with simplegreen and hot water, followed by ample rinsing in hot water. Then to dry I do like Tbone says and I stick the hose of death into the tank and blast until I don't get wet coming out then add a few seconds. I don't get flash rust. The...
  20. davetowz

    Crew Packs/PICS

    Does not matter what I make, I will never stop complaining about Membership fees or Insurance cost. :)
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