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  1. The Chairman

    Why am I seeing Ads (Sponsor)?

    We're working on that right now. We do appreciate your patience.
  2. The Chairman


    Really, if you want to advertise to divers who BUY, please send me a DM. We have the divers you're looking for.
  3. The Chairman


    Ah, you meant to upload, not download. We've run into some issues with hosting them here. My suggestion would be to upload them to YouTube and then embed them here.
  4. The Chairman


    Most of our videos are embedded links to other sites like YouTube. We don't really host that here.
  5. The Chairman

    Weighting for Neutral Buoyancy

    There's a mismatch of terms here. You don't weight for neutral buoyancy. You should weight to acheive a balanced rig, as much as possible. A balanced rig makes being neutral quite easy. However, it's not always possible, and in that case, you should have redundant buoyancy.
  6. The Chairman

    Posts per page?

    It's always been fixed since we moved to xenForo.
  7. The Chairman

    ScubaBoard Upgrade...

    Hey gang... We're back, with a lot of new features and/or bugs. It depends on what you're looking for. Please, please, please give us and the site another 48 hours to get all of our nooks and crannies cleaned and dusted. A lot of people did a lot of work to make it happen, and we're still at...
  8. The Chairman

    ScubaBoard Upgrade...

    Starting at 04:00 GMT, ScubaBoard will close for a much-needed and delayed upgrade. We're not sure exactly how long we'll be down, but it will take at least four and possibly up to 8 hours to accomplish. Once we're at a certain point, we'll open up this server again so you can play. HOWEVER, all...
  9. The Chairman

    Profile posts are "Off"

    They aren't being used much anyway, but to reduce confusion, I've turned off profile posts.
  10. The Chairman

    System Crash 2021/08/20 or, Oops, we did it again!

    "Control" is such a loose term. :D :D :D
  11. The Chairman

    Divemasters Should Ask 'Is Your Oxygen ON?'

    You're still relying on their memory...
  12. The Chairman

    New Online Magazine - DEPTH

    Good luck!
  13. The Chairman

    Solved: wrong user group

    Thanks for pointing that out. You should be fine now.
  14. The Chairman

    Finding the right words

    Hopefully, we'll have added access to embed more media styles, like TikTok, FB and Reddit. Right now, it only supports YouTube.
  15. The Chairman

    Finding the right words

    @tbone1004: There might be a darker version we'll be calling "Dark Narc" that will be available to those who "Go Red"... :D :D :D
  16. The Chairman

    Finding the right words

    This is not the final look, so expect change... Light: Dark: Expect the changeover to happen in the next week or two... Now, if you'll let us get back to work!!! :D
  17. The Chairman


    Well, I had fun and didn't fall asleep. :D It's my opinion that the "jam session" approach was far better than the PP I had prepared. It's funny, but there are quite a number of assumptions made by many ScubaBoardians... We rarely ban people, with the exception of spammers I hardly ban anyone...
  18. The Chairman

    Situational awareness sucks when (trying to) take pictures. . .

    I was diving with another caver with a camera in the Nicholson Tunnel in the Peacock system. Instead of relying on seeing the occasional light seep around me, I had gotten used to his breathing and the occasional flash instead. Until there wasn't any. I stopped, lowered my head, and looked...
  19. The Chairman

    Situational awareness sucks when (trying to) take pictures. . .

    Learn to listen. Learn how to directinalize that under water. I listen to my buddy when we first descend and take note of their fins. How does their reg sound compared to the others? As I'm taking a picture or exploring, part of my mind is tracking them.
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