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    water temps now

    Hello, Would some one know and share actual water temps around Dadellus and then the St Johns area?? Thank you.
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    Shuttle from Hurghada to Luxor then to Port Gahlib

    Hi all, Wife and I going to Egypt for our 4th trip doing 2 liveaboards . Who would you suggest for shuttle ride fro Hurghada to luxor and then to Port Gahlib2 days later?? Who do you suggest for tour of Luxor and good safe place to stay?? Thank you.
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    Marathon dive and stay

    Hello, We, wife and I will be in Marathon for 5-6 days last week of January and are looking for good suggestions for places to stay and dive op. We are very good divers , 1500 each from around the world and would like a dive op that would allow us to dive based on our air time and depth, our...
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    Want to Buy transmitter for scubapro galileo luna

    let me know what you can do??? Need a good working transmitter for Galileo luna wrist computer.. Mine died...
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    scubapro Galileo Luna wrist computer Transmitter

    My transmitter has died and am in the market . New ones are quite expensive , does any one have a transmitter for this computer that they would like to sell and how much, it needs to be working, properly !!!
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    travel agencies - padi vs dive the world

    Hello, I have purchased liveaboard trips through Diviac which is now Padi and am looking at Dive The World. When I purchased my last trip through Diviac , Ihad a surprise on the final payment and found out that my USD had to be changed to euro at payment and had to pay quite abit more even...
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    sudan liveaboard

    Hello, I have been on 2 different trips in the last 3 years to the Egyptian Red Sea and have completely enjoyed the diving and dive ops. I have been looking into liveaboards out of Port Sudan and was wondering if any of you might have experiences with this and would make any suggestions...
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    St. Johns closed off by military in september

    Hello, I just arrived home from 3 weeks of liveaboard diving in Southern Egyptian Red Sea . We were on2 different liveaboards ; Sea wolf- Felo for 2weeks and My Amelia for 1 week. We dove most areas south of Hurghada down to Hamata that were noteworthy except The Saint Johns area which...
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    Transportation in Hurghada

    Which company is most dependable for transfer from Hurghada airport to Marriott Beach Resort ?
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    best currency

    In Egyptian red sea area which currency is best for incedentals and tipping; USD, EURO, OR EGYPTIAN LB ? If Egyptian lb is best , would cairo airport be a good location to exchange or Hurghada airport or at hotels?
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    Hi All, Two years ago we did Emperor elite for the Simply The Best Itinerary in Sept. . We had a good trip but they are full , we are looking to do 2-3 weeks in a row. We are looking at liveaboards for same area along with 2 other itineraries but in the same region for October. Many...
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    land based dive op in Hamata

    Hi All, I was in Hamata sept. 2015 and dove with Emperor divers out of Hamata at a resort. This operation is now not open and I cannot find another land based dive op in this area and I do not want to be based out of Marsa Alam due to its distance from Hamata. We are looking at numerous...
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    advise for trip to Red Sea in Sept. 2013

    Hi All, My wife and I are planning a trip for 2 weeks in sept. . We would like to do a liveaboard to brothers and dadelus. We have been looking at Sea serpent fleet and Emperors fleet. Does anyone have experience with these two and have any suggestions? Anyone have advise about traveling to...
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