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    Equipment help: Is the port length messing with my pictures?

    Hey divers, I have a pretty simple question which the more savvy shooters might know the answer pretty well, but it's annoying me for a while. I do have a pretty old equipment: * T1i camera * Tokina 10-17 lens * Ikelite housing * 8'' glass dome (default from ikelite) Ikelite recommends for...
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    Opinion on equipment.

    Hey divers, I'm thinking about replacing my compact equipment and aquire a DSLR instead, and an oportunity arrived, but since I never use DSLR UW before I would like your opinion (especially regarding compatibility and camera quality). What I have right now is: RX-100 Ikelite Housing + base...
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    Suunto Gekko and Vyper/Zoop PC cable compatibility

    Hey guys, I'm about to buy a new Suunto Zoop (or the Vyper) since I've heard that its included cable is compatible with my old (and retired) Suunto Gekko. Anyone could confirm if that information proceeds? Thanks
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    grease or lube?

    I have a camera setup that includes a Ikelite housing and two Sea&Sea strobes... Sea&Sea recommends to use their own grease on o-rings, while Ikelite requires a more liquid lubricant. The point is: Is there really a difference between them? I have a few grease tubes(sea&sea's) and I use them...
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    Ikelite 6116.10 (for sony rx100), is it that bad?

    Hi guys, I`m new to scubaboard and I was looking for messages related to the ikelite 6116.10 housing for the Rx-100 camera. I've found a few complains and an user who replaced the housing at the same day he got it for a Nauticam housing. I agree that the nauticam housing looks better (size...
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