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    Weighting: 5 mil to 7 mil

    In my full rig, with a five mil suit, I am properly weighted with 12 additional pounds. How much more would I need to add for a 7 mil? Rough estimate is good. I am going to cold water but won't have the chance to dive the thicker suit until I am there so just want a starting point to fine...
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    Perdix--Disable Full Time Safety Stop display in Rec Mode?

    I think I know the answer to this question but am hoping some experienced users here or someone from Shearwater can weigh in on this. My one issue with the Perdix display is a large deal-breaking one for me. It is that the "safety stop" is constantly displayed during the dive. For a...
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    Shearwater Perdix--Disable Full Time Safety Stop Display?

    I know the answer to this question but am hoping someone from Shearwater can weigh in on future changes to this. My one issue with the Perdix display is a large deal-breaking one for me. It is that the "safety stop" is constantly displayed during the dive. For a recreational dive screen...
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    What is "recreational" rebreather, and any recommendations?

    I am interested in a rebreather for my underwater photography. Not interested in extreme tech or cave diving, more interested in the "silent" aspect. So,what is meant by a "recreational" rebreather? What brands/models does this mean? Why and how are they simpler to use than a...
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    San Diego in January?

    Hi, I am going to be in the San Diego area in January and might have a couple days free for diving. Looking for recommendations--shore or boat? Which are the good operators? Good shops? What can I expect in terms of water temps? I am an experienced diver and used to diving in currents...
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    Most legible puck style bottom timer?

    Looking for a bottom timer for my scooter gauge console. What is the most legible for depth and time? A computer with a good gauge mode would be OK too. Readability is the main criteria. Having an electronic compass would be a bonus but not essential as the console has an SK8 already. Lots...
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    My Piranha P-1 Just Arrived!

    Just received my P-1 with smart slice, power tool pack, camera mount and travel case. Great package deal from Backscatter. Boy am I psyched to get this baby in the water for videos and local wrecks!! More to come . . . .
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    Suex XJoy 2 for sale

    Hi, Have a very lightly used Suex XJoy 2 for sale. This is Suex's budget "rec" model but it has plenty of pulling power for single tank diving in a strong current. I have the scooter, battery, charger and manuals. Asking $900. When new, these sold for $1400 or more. If you want to make an...
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    Places to Rent Steel HP 100s near Irvine?

    Hi, I am on a dive boat Sunday Sept 2 and need to bring my own tank. Want to rent a steel HP 100 with DIN valve. I am staying in Irvine. Would pick up on the 1st and return on the 3d. Is there a shop that can rent this? Thanks.
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    3 mil v 7 mil bouyancy/weighting difference

    I am a Florida diver and use a 3 mil Bare reactive super-stretch. With my rig I need about 12 pounds for slightly negative weighting at the safety stop with a steel HP 100 tank. I am going to California to dive the kelp at Anacapa and Catalina islands. I am dusting off my 7mil Mares Isotherm...
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    Catalina After Labor Day: Dive Guide or Buddy for a Florida diver?

    I am visiting Catalina on the Monday and Tuesday of Labor Day. I have never dived in the kelp and am really looking forward to this! I am very experienced in tropical waters and dive regularly (20-40 dives per year) but this will be my first time in the kelp. Looking for recommendations for...
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    Unexpected Skin Bends--Why

    After a lifetime of diving (45 years and 2500+ dives), including maybe a dozen dives every year to 100', on my two most recent trips I have developed what seems to be skin bends. I am 60 years old, 210 pounds, in pretty good fitness, exercise very regularly, and have never had anything like this...
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    Suex xjoy 2: Anyone building battery packs?

    I was wondering if anyone is building battery packs for this model. Thanks!
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    Recreational Trimix NDLs

    Hi Everyone, My wife has a medical issue that resulted in her doctor recommending that she use significantly lower 02% nitrox mixes to avoid a risk of 02 toxicity. The mixes are so low that she will lose a substantial portion of the increased NDLs from nitrox. My question is whether she can...
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    Galileo Luna has stopped logging?

    Hi, My wife's Luna works fine as a computer, but it seems to have stopped storing dives for quite a while. Did not notice this until I finally got the software to download to the PC. I thought they deleted the older dives and saved the newer ones. If not, is there a way to clear the logbook...
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    Immersion Pulmonary Edema--Consult?

    My wife had a fairly serious IPE episode a couple of years ago (blue lips, coughing pink sputum, very difficult breathing), that resolved with overnight 02 at the hospital. The doctor at that time indicated she could keep diving. Earlier this year, she had what seemed to be a moderate...
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    Red Sea: Egypt or Sudan for a bucket list trip?

    I an thinking about the Red Sea this summer. This might be my only trip here so I want to get the best of the best. I have been reading and it seems like the Sudan deep south itineraries go to the most remote and relatively unexplored sites. But, the classic Egypt sites like...
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    Conditions in Cuba Gardens of the Queenpost-Irma

    I am thinking about a trip to the Gardens of the Queen in December. Does anyone have any updates on the conditions of the reefs and dive sites after Hurricane Irma? Thanks!
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    Cuba Trip, Any Tips or Feedback

    I am considering a trip to the Gardens of the Queen in December. Can any "veterans" give any tips or feedback on this trip? Thanks!
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    Scubapro G2 Algorithm?

    I posted this in the Scubapro manufacturer forum and have not received a response. Since these are at dealers and are in the hands of owners I am posting it here as well. I have a Sol with the ZHL-8 that is standard on the Sol/Luna. I had been considering the trimix upgrade which was based on...
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