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    Diving in Toronto

    So OP @racanichou, what's your impression about Toronto for newcomer diver?
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    Feedback Mares drysuit XR kevlar

    +1 looking for feedback before buying.
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    The World Shootout

    "The photographer, when inquired, admitted that the image was indeed captured during 2014 rather than 2015. The photographer apologized for the false timestamp and explained that although the image was captured during a diving trip held in 2014, the camera was set to March 2015 due to the diving...
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    1-year Trip to South America : Continent's best dive sites excluding Galapagos

    Fernando de Noronha, top dive in brazil. warm water, lots of sea life (lemon and nurse sharks, turtles, etc), perfect visibility. Recife, also Brazilian North East coast, lots of wrecks (not huge ones). Do not go there during the winter. There's a flight from Recife to Noronha, you can visit...
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    What camera fits this housing

    Funny that Ikelite doesn't add serial number OR product code to every housing....
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    Underwater Photo Checklist

    Old but gold: even before deciding what you're shooting and which lens are you using, I would ask: For how long my setup is dry? If it's a lot, did I lub the controls? Did I lub the port o-ring? Is it clean? Is the SD card attached to my camera? Is it proper connected? Is it full? (I dove with a...
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    Zero to Divemaster - extended stay abroad, but need help!

    I wouldn't trust a fresh DM that went from 0 to DM in three months... I'm not sure if experience can be acquired that fast. That being said: I have a friend that did exactly what you're trying to do. She just went there and did her OW, then she asked the operator for the DM course. Just go...
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    Equipment help: Is the port length messing with my pictures?

    Hey divers, I have a pretty simple question which the more savvy shooters might know the answer pretty well, but it's annoying me for a while. I do have a pretty old equipment: * T1i camera * Tokina 10-17 lens * Ikelite housing * 8'' glass dome (default from ikelite) Ikelite recommends for...
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    Dive Report - Fernando De Noronha Island, Brazil

    Unlucky, nurse sharks, turtles and stingrays are really common there.
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    Brazil Trip - Dive Computers

    It's a mix of taxes (specially) and a bit of greediness, in my opinion. You have basically three options to find a DC here: 1 - Buy it from a dive shop. It will be really expensive, costing 3 times the price of the same computer in the US or europe. 2 - You can buy it online, in the gray market...
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    Brazil Trip - Dive Computers

    It's not really a standard procedure to rent dive computers in Brazil, but if you are paying for a dive package here (dive + equipement), you can probably ask the dive-shop to include a dive computer and will be asked to pay a little bit more for it. If you go to Recife, you can talk to...
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    Opinion on equipment.

    What do you mean by "good dome port"? Are the Ikelite port and Ikelite 8'' dome included in this category?
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    Opinion on equipment.

    Hey divers, I'm thinking about replacing my compact equipment and aquire a DSLR instead, and an oportunity arrived, but since I never use DSLR UW before I would like your opinion (especially regarding compatibility and camera quality). What I have right now is: RX-100 Ikelite Housing + base...
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    Dive operators in Maceió Brazil

    Are you planning to go again this year? I'm doing this same trip in March 28th!
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    request for a new "Dive Software" sub forum

    A bit late, but ++ for this idea!
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    Big Stuff at Fernando De Noronha?

    Is quite common to see nurse sharks, lemons and caribean reef sharks there. I've heard of a tiger shark once, but in ~30 dives I never saw one. You can hear dolphins from time to time, but they don't usually go near divers. Barracudas and morray eals are also common. And, of couse, turtles...
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    Which Wet Wide Angle Lens do you use with your RX100

    I'm using ikelite WA-30. It's decent, but It vignettes a little bit with the ikelite housing.
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    Diving in Sao Paulo

    São Paulo is a city crowded with diving shops (ok ok, I might be exaggerating a bit here). Unfortunately I can't recommend one since I never used them. But I can list a few dive shops that are active in a brazilian divers mailing list and I know that operates in SP: Rua...
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    Scuba diving hubs in South America

    So, if you're going to Rio, Arraial do Cabo [1] is the best diving place there (IMHO) and it's not too far away from the city. That being said, i've also heard good things about Ilha Grande (although I've never been there). They even have this liveaboard called "Enterprise" that might be...
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    Scuba diving hubs in South America

    Could you be more specific? Which places are you going to visit in south america? I mean, You're talking about 7500km from caribean sea (north) to cape horn (south). While we wait for your answer I can talk about a bit diving in Brazil. While you can find dive sites all along the Brazilian...
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