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    Apeks tec3 gue hose routing

    Hi I’m a bit confused on how to do the hose routing. Some suggests the caps face outside and some advise caps facing inward. And which ports to use ? The ones in front or the ones in the back?
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    Mix-rc vs xtx200

    Hi looking to buy at this regs. Will be using the long hose. Any pros and cons? as of now tropical weather but might dive colder regions. any routing problems with the 1st stage?
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    DIR- Generic Petite lady diver on a long hose

    Hi I have 2 lady buddies 5ft and 5ft 2in in height. 1 dives single tank long hose and the other dives twin tanks long hose. we always have a problem with their long hose seems too long. they're using 7ft hose. any tips?
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    Gralmarine Lights

    Anybody have experience with this.? Corded? Non corded? id like a primary thats narrow beam. For signalling and for wreck. Not cave. No caves nearby. how to order? Direct from poland?
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    regulator suggestions for stage tank

    hi done with fundamentals phew....aftera week of rest im itching for another training. Im planning to take tdi advance nitrox and tdi decompression procedures. currently using scubapro mk25 and s600 on my twin tank. What model regulator for stage? For these classes. There are 2 good dealers...
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    Primary for my future tec class

    Hi, im taking up the GUE fundumentals and tec pass on the 1st week of january The instructor will loan me some lights to train with for the class. He has several. I'll probably take tech1 and cave1 this year too... after i get all the prerequisite dives. Im looking at the UW LD-40 which is...
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    Halcyon Focus 2.0 vs Focus 1.0

    Hi im going through Gue fundamentals and Tech pass on January. I will be borrowing some lights before I buy one. I have checked out Halcyon Focus 2.0 and compared it to Focus 1.0 seems that their main difference in brightness is in the 1m range. but at 5m range they're both the same? does this...
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    Powder Coating Al80 Tanks

    Hi, My AL80s are due for hydro and I would like them to be powdercoated. what should we do first? 1. Hydro test, Powder coat , the o2 cleaned.? this is what i was thinking of doing. i assume we don't want the insides of the tanks immersed? or has anybody tried this?
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    scubapro mk21 and tech

    hi, would a scubapro mk21 with the 5th port cap be a good reg for tech? Will the 5th port make routing with long hoses better on a single tank? Has anyone tried it on a twinset? I wanted a mk19 but very hard to get in my country.... realize mk21 is cheaper
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    Single tank tec setup

    I noticed in the gue page . A single tank was setup was that the stage 1 wasnt attached vertically it was tilted to the left. I assume the stage 1 had a 5th bottom port to attach the long hose for better routing. I have a mk17 that doesnt have a 5th port. If i tilt it to the right all my stage...
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    Why is it there are lots of sp mk25 for sale.?

    mk25 is a top of the line sp 1st stage but so many are sold in the classified. I myself use a mk17 and looking for one. Seems like theyre sold very easily.
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    Twin tank reg setup

    i have an existing mk17 yoke which im converting to din. I want to go twin tanks. How do you setup the mk17 for twin tanks? Will there be a problem if i get a mk11 for the 2nd stage1? A bit cheaper lol
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    Regulator for tec

    Im contemplating on going tec presently diving scubapro mk17, s600 and s620ti mk17 and s600 is like 8yrs old and running fine. i bought a 620ti just recently since i wanted to try a long hose. . before that was an air2 then realized that tec instructor will require a din 1st stage. my mk17...
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    Tech Shorts

    Hi im in the market for tech shorts. a few years back. somebody mentioned a shorts that's NOT really a diving tech shorts but would be a good option. The shorts im looking for doesn't need to be neoprene. actually i don't want it to be neoprene. i have enough neoprene already to start floating
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    Halcyon Carbon Plate

    Hi at present i can dive with a 2 lb plate and a 1 lb STA from a different brand. while going through the Halcyon website. I realized that the Halcyon STA is 2 lbs. If I get the Carbon Plate which weighs 1.1 lb., will a carbon plate have the same bouyancy characteristic as aluminum? or will...
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    Teric Battery

    How long does a Teric battery last on standby? I was fully charged. dived 2x 45-50mins each... after 14days its 6% left and i left it on standby. screen off. is this normal?
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    Scubapro Jetfins vs Apeks RK3 HD

    Hi I dive with BPW alum and jetfins. No weights. No wetsuit. Dive tropical I have been diving with jetfins for years. Nope there is really no problem. i can hold my trim. but lately Ive had stuff attached to my bpw, for like 2 flashlights. doing long hose. I was thinking of going with a bit...
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    Old mk17 LP Ports

    I have an older MK17 (non evo) . It has 4 LP ports. But only the upper 2 are marke as HFP (high flow ports) I will be using a long hose 5ft. And a 22in necklaced stage2. If in the upright position, the HFP are on top. So the 22in necklaced reg is plugged in the HFP. And the lower port (no...
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    DGX600 vs DiveRite Bx2 vs DiveRite cx1

    I have an old scubapro nova light led. Bought in 2011. Are any of these lights an upgrade to my old scubapro? I may go tec in the future though. But as of the moment. Im doing some shallow wrecks like 30m Was planning on getting 2 dgx600s but is the bx2 really brighter? Cx1? If i get the...
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    What is the real difference betweeen S600 ,S620i and G260

    Im going long hose. i have an existing s600 and air2. so i'm gona ditch the air2 for a regular inflator. then I'll need another 2nd stage. I could... keep the s600 as primary on a long hose. or as a backup in a 22in bungeed reg. but what should i get? another s600? a s620ti? or a G260 1. )...
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