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    Has anyone dove this submarine spring off of St. Augustine?

    St. Johns County: Crescent Beach Submarine Spring
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    DAN Insurance and a problem signing up

    So I go to sign up for DAN insurance and I get to the page where you choose individual or family and there is nothing to click onto that activates my choice. I hit continue and it takes me back to the choices, but cant highlight either one. WTF?
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    Dive-rite Dual Rec Wing

    Redundant lift for you wetsuit divers. Very good condition only used in fresh water. No fading or leaks in either bladder. Will throw in a DR aluminum backplate and 2] DR bands for doubles.$200.00 firm. Call Randy @904 545 6109 or leave a PM. Wing is just like this one.Dive Rite Dual Bladder Rec...
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    Atlanta Seaquarium?

    I was watching Georgia Traveler last night and they let divers go into the aquarium, but they all had gear provided and all the tanks were mounted crossways across the chest. Ive never seen that before and was wondering why they were that way. I did notice the harnesses was Zeagle.
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    Enjoyed the peace at Ginnie today

    The crazy crowds of summer are gone, and being the only truck at the Mainspring was unusual. My buddy who is working on cavern skills and myself entered the ballroom. We swam the right wall to the grate, then entered the left room at the back where all surface light is gone. Upon rising a bit I...
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    Heres a psi to c.f conversion chart

    Cylinder Comparison Table
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    Do you believe in Bigfoot?

    Sorry,slowww day!
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    Heres a handy tank chart

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    Sevelor diveyak for sale

    I have a black inflatable diveyak Ill sell for 250.00.Great condition with paddle and pump.Single seater designed to dive from.I paid 450.00 for it 2 years ago.PM me if interested.
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    Do you S-drill

    As a caver,were suppose to S-drill before the first dive of the day.Or with a new buddy.OW divers arent trained to do this but it makes good sense.If you dont know the routine here goes.Complete gear check,valves open all the way,BC hooked up,regs breathing etc.Figure turn around pressure and...
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    Orange Grove back to normal

    Dove O.G yesterday.Basin vis,cavern and cave are excellent.Flow is up as well.After diving it the past few months with poor vis its nice to have it back to normal.Pothole line is still a little murky,Peanut is good I heard.Peacock cavern vis is alot better as well..Randy
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    Intro/Basic cave student needed

    A friend of mine who is very proficient with his skills needs a buddy for Basic cave on June18th and19th with Paul Heinerth.The class is 350.00 each for two.Anyone interested PM me.Were going to be doing some fun dive skills the next few weekends to get ready and anyone interested can come dive...
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    Cavediver from Florida, howdy folks...

    Didnt Know scuba board had a cavediving section.Ive noticed a few friends from The Cave Divers Forum,and Decostop.Mainly a freshwater caver but enjoy alot of other scuba discussions...Randy
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