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    The Pit Project In Mexico

    I just got off the phone with AG down in Mexico and it looks like they just wrapped up their dives on the Pit Project. Hopefully Don can jump in here and add a few thoughts of how things went. I'll update the thread once the trip report is finished. Here's a few Video Blogs on the project. :)...
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    Heated Undergarments

    I guess this is more of a question for Todd since he has the experience with this, however I welcome all input. Anyway, I'd like to get some information on the best solution to using a heated vest. I understand it should never take the place of a proper undergament w/Argon. However, as our...
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    World's Biggest Landfill Is In The Pacific Ocean

    Has anybody ever heard about this? Howstuffworks "The Great Pacific Garbage Patch"
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    Channel Islands Lobster Trip

    I got a call from a friend who booked a charter on the Truth for his dive shop. He said he has 6 spots available since he's had several people back out. Unfortunatley, I'm to busy to go but I told him I'd be happy to pass the information on to a couple of the boards and see if anyone is...
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    Single Cylinder vs. Doubles

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    DL Bliss State Park

    For those who like to dive Lake Tahoe, I talked with the people at DL Bliss State Park yesterday and it looks like they will be opening for the season on 5/27/05. For those who have never been on the Rubican Wall, it's really an amazing dive. The wall drops off to about 1,000' deep (give or...
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    Kitten Cannon
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    Video From Lobos

    Here's a little video a couple of friends made out at Point Lobos a couple of weeks ago. Enjoy,
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    Red Sea Explorers

    I was asked to pass this info here it is. :) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Red Sea Explorers ( is proud to present the M/V Tala, a new all DIR Red Sea Liveaboard vessel operating on...
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    Scooter Workshop In Monterey (Report)

    I had the opportunity to take the 5thD scooter workshop a couple of weeks ago in Monterey and had a total blast. The workshop consisted of a very busy 2 ½ days of power point, lecture, hands on scooter preparation and maintenance, skills and some all out fun. In fact, this is the best class I’ve...
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    Formula 1

    Ok F1 fans, the first race of the season is this weekend in Australia. I was wondering who everyone thinks is going to win the title this year.
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    Scooter Workshop In Monterey

    Just a quick note to let those of you who I've either talked with via PMs, email or in person know the scooter workshop in Monterey with Andrew Georgitsis is full. I just want to thank everyone for their interest and we hope to be having more workshops in the future. For those of you who would...
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    OK, So What's The Better Deal Here On Ghosts?

    I'm sorry, but this is about as lame as you can get. Ghost In A Jar Or this one :confused: Two Jars For The Price Of One
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    A Pretty Cool Video

    For those of you who haven't already seen it, I've always thought this was a pretty cool video. It shows some of the diving we have out here in Monterey. It's on the website. Check it out.:) [URL[/URL]
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    Good Price On Suunto D3

    I've finally bought the Suunto D3 from Atlantis Scuba Supply. The price was $205.00 (not including shipping). I thought it was a pretty good deal so I figured I would pass on the info.
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    I Want This Guy's Suit

    Does anybody know what kind of suit this guy's wearing? It looks like the one FifthD sells but I'm not sure.
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    Stainless Steel Bolt Snaps

    After looking all over town for stainless steal bolt snaps, I finally found them at Lowe's. 1/2" - $4.96 3/4" - $5.86 4" - $6.72
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    Favorite Websites

    When your not on Scubaboard, what other websites do you visit? I want to know diving and non-diving related websites. Please keep it clean, there may be young eyes around.
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    DIR-F In The Sacramento Area Jan. 17th-19th

    Mike Kane has graciously agreed to do a DIR-F class in the Sacramento area Jan.17th-19th. We have a few spots left if there is anybody who is interested in jumping in to the class. Just PM me and we'll get you signed up.
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    Monastery In Monterey

    I've heard from several different people that Monastery is more of an advanced dive site. Does anybody dive there regularly, what are some of the sites features, and why is it more dangerous?
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