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    Have you used the Dive Rite HP50?

    Hi Does anyone have experience with the Dive Rite HP50? What are your thoughts on the light and on its QRM mount? Thanks
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    Deco regulator - left vs right hose inlet

    Hi all For a deco cylinder on the left side. What are peoples thoughts about using a regulator with a standard (right) hose inlet vs a left hose inlet (shorter hose and not going around the neck)?
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    Computer + Plan or 2 Computers for Deco Diving

    Hi all For deco dives, do you 1. Have one deco/tech computer then a gauge/timer and prewritten dive plan? 2. Use two deco/tech computers If option 1: Do you use the prewritten plan or the computer, as your primary means of following a decompression profile? Do you have the written plan on a...
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    New Dive Club in Pittsburgh, PA (and for everyone in the area)

    Hi all There are a bunch of divers in Pittsburgh (and all of SW PA) but no place for them all to come together and plan local dives. Now there is a place. Come and join. I am new to starting a dive club. If others have advice, feel free to share. Thanks!
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    Presque Isle State Park, PA (Lake Erie) Shore Diving

    Hi all Any one have experience diving from the shore at Presque Isle State Park? I will be there in a few weeks and am looking for any specific information about things to see. Thanks
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    Gary Gentile Wreck Books - How they differ?

    Hi all Does anyone know how the 3 guides that Gary Gentile has on wrecks differ? Do they overlap in content or are all three different? Primary Wreck-Diving Guide Advanced Wreck Diving Guide...
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    Why choose LP tanks over HP Steel tanks?

    Hi all I am a recreational cold water diver looking to extend my bottom time (I dont need comments to improve SAC, etc..). I have mostly used AL80's, and have used LP steel on ocasion. I am thinking about getting an HP100 steel tank. Is there a reason people choose LP tanks over HP (besides...
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    Pittsburgh River Diving

    Hi Has anyone here dived in either of the 3 rivers here in Pittsburgh, PA USA? How was it it? And advice for where to dive in the rivers? Thanks!
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    Missed Safety Stop. Go Back Down?

    Hi all I was always told if you miss a safety stop, to not go back down underwater. This DAN video says that if you feel fine you should go back down for your safety stop. What do you think? 0:20-0:45 in the video. Edit: Assuming within recreational NDL's
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    Leaving gear in a cold car

    Hi all I want to go diving after work and leave my gear in the car during the day. The weather is between 10-20degF. Should all of the gear (BCD, Regs, etc..) be fine being left in those temperatures? Note:The gear will have time to warm up while I drive (about an hour) to the dive site.
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    Recommend Inexpensive Camera

    Hi I am looking to get an inexpensive camera for diving <130' . I have little interest in photography, but my wife wants me to take pictures during a couple tropical dives. Any recommendations for cameras? Thanks
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    Do you have during-dive or post-dive checklists? Whats on it?

    Hi all Do you have during-dive or post-dive checklists? Whats on it? Note: I am thinking about recreational diving and not technical diving. Thanks
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    Custom Slate. What would you put on it?

    Hi all I am going to have a company print a custom slate for me with a map I made of the quarry that I often dive at. However I have a lot of room left on the slate for other things. What else would you put on the slate?
  14. K underwater navigation review

    For black Friday had a $1 sale to take their Natural Navigation course, so I did it. As background I have already taken the PADI Underwater Nav class. The Natural Navigation course consists of the first 2 lessons of the full 7 lesson Scuba Navigation Mastered Class. The topics...
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    Solid fins vs flexible fins and air usage

    When I started diving (10 years ago) I purchased solid (ie. no flexible rubber sections in it) fins. I was in the dive shop a few days ago and was looking at all of the modern fins with flexible rubber sections in the middle and all sorts of advertised advanced channels. Is it worth upgrading...
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    SPG on Pony Bottle?

    Hi all Do you have an SPG on your pony bottles? If yes is it a button gauge or on a hose?
  17. K - Has anyone looked at their navigation classes?

    Hi all Has any one tried the navigation or natural navigation course? How does it compare to the PADI Underwater Nav class?
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    SCUBA Laws NY & NYC

    Hi all In NY and/or NYC are you allowed to shore dive from publicly accesable parts of the coast, or are there laws about where you can dive? It looks likes NY state and NYC City parks for the most part do not allow SCUBA. Is that correct? Looking online all I can see is that you need a dive...
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    Knife Use and Size

    Hi all 2 Questions. 1. Based on actual situations is there a good reason to carry a 5" knife (or larger) as opposed to a smaller 3" small dive knife? 2. What are situations that require a knife that a basic line cutter (such as trilobite line cutter) does not handle? Thanks
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    Good Job Mares Support (& Brad)

    I just want to report that I had a service call with Mares regarding a failed power inflater. I spoke to Brad who clearly explained the warranty and helped me find an authorized repair shop (my normal LDS is an authorized seller but not repair shop) that was nearby but not on the Mares website...
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