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    DA Aquamaster Retaining Nut

    Hey guys, can you guys point me to where I could find the tool that engages the body castle nut in the DAAM? I am trying to avoid the screwdriver drift method if possible. Also, any other tools to properly service these units? I am a certified tech for the modern regulators with an interest in...
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    Dacor 650 Service Kits

    Hey guys I came across a nice regulator set consisting of a Dacor 650, a Pacer XLbrass primary 2nd and a Pacer octo. I have some NOS kits for the Pacers but no kit for the 650 first stage, Anyone out there have a ouple of kits they'd be willing to part with? Thanks
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    Aqualung i450T o-ring size

    Hey guys, it appears that the o-ring for the AL i450T watch is a 39mm x 1.5mm. Can anyone confirm this? Thanks
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    Anyone Diving a Ratio Dive Computer

    Hi, just wondering if anyone is using a Ratio and what the general opinion is of these computers? Thanks
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    Servicing Poseidon Regs

    Guys, I just came across a couple of old Poseidons. I know there are specialized tools to work on these regs but I would prefer not to spend lots of money on a reg that I may not ever see again. The regulators in question are a 3590-M and a 2960. Is there a way to get the seat out of these...
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    Regulator fitting help

    Hey guys, I need to turn the SPG end of a high pressure hose into a 1/4" NPT. Which fitting would I need for this? I would like a swivel fitting for this end. Thanks
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    Regulator Service Rates

    Hi everyone, I have recently started to get certified to work on regulators and have the opportunity to take on the service department at a LDS.So far I have taken some Aqualung classes and will be doing Scubapro, Atomic, Zeagle, Oceanic and Hollis soon as well. I was wondering what regulator...
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    Regulator Technician

    Hey guys For those of you that are regulator techs for a dive shop, what do you typically get paid for a full reg service? Do you get paid by the stage or by the set? Thanks
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    Help with Sea Quest

    Hey Guys Anyone know where I can get service kits and if AquaLung has these available? The regulator has the foillowing (pic attached) : 1. Environmentally sealed first stage 2. SQ Cryo XR2 second 3. SQ Mirage Octo If anyone knows where to get the service manual and if these take any sepecial...
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    Help Identifying First Stages

    So I acquired these a while back and they have been in a box for about 10 years. Finally getting around to trying to figure out what they are. The second stages that are attached are Sherwood and ScubaPro G200. The other set had a badly work and craked second stage that was not your standard...
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    Old Regulator Service and Rebuild

    Hey guys I am trying to get back to doing some diving and need to get my regulators up and running after storing for about 10 years. Rubber purge button has disintegrated. What I need to know is whether someone here has new parts for these? I know they are Aeris which were built by Oceanic. I...
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    Help With Oceanic SWIV Console

    Hello guys, I have a 3 gauge Oceanic SWIV console that is many years old. It looks like Oceanic still manufactures the console. After many years of storage and not being used, the plastic has degraded and shattered. I was wanting to know if anyone knows or can get the housing for me? Thanks
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    8000 Lumen Video Light

    With 8 XML LEDs, taskled driver and new 3.5" TLS canister... LEDs will run 2 strings of 4 in series. Vf is about 12 volts at 6 amps! Will use a 6S LiIon pack by 3 parallel and PCB with balancing function.
  14. 3 light clearance

    So over time I have built quite a few prototype lights. I need to get rid of them so I am pricing these to go. There are 4 of them. Some just the head and some complete. I can sell these however you want them, though. I can finish them, sell them as pictured, include battery and charger, etc...
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    Here is another build. This time video

    Video light with over 30 watts worth of LED power. Using a 3 XML LED module with H6CC driver and Hall Effect Switch. The pictures are bad and I am too lazy to go get new ones! Two custom heatsinks were made. One for the tail cap with the driver and the hall effect switch. One for the LEDs which...
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    Diving around Toronto

    Hi guys I may be going to Toronto in October and was wondering if any diving around there? I will be flying into Buffalo, NY and driving up. Thanks
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    Updating a Green Force HID

    A buddy of mine asked me to update his Green Force after the HID failed. Here are some pics of the build: 1. Battery can plug will be sealed 2. Complete light taken apart 3. Driver 4. Head mocked up 5. LED, reflector and driver 6. Reflector Will be powered by a 7.4v LiIon and the GF...
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    Wing, Backplate, BCD

    Wing- 90lbs of lift, Chinese made- barelly used extremely good shape. $75 Dive Rite Aluminum Backplate with hog harness- barely used as well- $80 everything minus buckle. Tusa BCD- about 5 years old but only about 50 dives on it. I switched to a backplate very shortly after I started diving...
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    Bare 7mm suit

    Barely used. $85 plus shipping and Paypal.
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    10W HID bulb and ballast

    Hi guys, I recently received a dead Salvo 10W HID, non-focusable model with derin head. After looking around, it looks like Welch Allyn has gone through some sell outs.. Anyway, looks like the ballast and bulb are now obsolete. I found the ballast at and it is $60 plus shipping...
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