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    Hello from Pittsburgh

    Yep. Last week was mid 50’s and 20’ viz.
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    Hello from Pittsburgh

    Definitely not tropical, but have you been to Crusty’s about an hour north of Pittsburgh?
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    Boat Diving Etiquette

    On a 6pack where the captain owns the boat, do you normally tip the captain?
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    Urgent! Have DAN insurance; Generali demanding upfront payment b4 providing medical evacuation

    So if you have the basic dive insurance coverage (and travel insurance as a dan member), will they evacuate you if needed for an injury below 131ft?
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    Alaska Diving

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    Alaska Diving

    Please let us know what you find. I have a similar itinerary coming up. I was not able to find anything with google. In Victoria I see there is shore diving right next to the cruise terminal. Do you know anything about it (I see you are from Victoria)?
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    Great Lakes Trip

    Home - Lake Erie Adventure Charters in Lake Erie is very flexible for chartering, and lets you RSVP with just 2-3 divers.
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    A couple questions on ordering first drysuit

    For pockets I have seen some people put them on the front of their thighs for sidemount diving (instead of the sides).
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    A couple questions on ordering first drysuit

    1. Dive Rite In Scuba had a video where they said early plastic zippers had problems, but now they are good. 2. I am not sure how much it helps thermally. But it does help protect the neck seal a bit. 3. Having user replaceable silicon seals is nice. Just make sure to order the seals in advance...
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    Brand new HP100 air fills

    I always remind the store of the fill pressure since HP100’s look similar to Al80’s.
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    John Chatterton Zoom Presentation Dec 16th 2020

    I just signed up. Thanks for sharing.
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    Have you used the Dive Rite HP50?

    Does anyone use this light?
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    Have you used the Dive Rite HP50?

    Hi Does anyone have experience with the Dive Rite HP50? What are your thoughts on the light and on its QRM mount? Thanks
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    Deco regulator - left vs right hose inlet

    Hi all For a deco cylinder on the left side. What are peoples thoughts about using a regulator with a standard (right) hose inlet vs a left hose inlet (shorter hose and not going around the neck)?
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    Use of non-O2 clean regulators for 50% deco mix

    Does peoples opinion change for first stage vs second stage and O2 clean requirements?
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    How many wetsuits do you have?

    It depends on your body. I like the cold. For years all I had was a 5mm wetsuit and then would add a hooded vest if it was below around 45degF. I liked the the hooded vest better than a 7mm farmer john. For warm water the 5mm also works (you just got hot on land...)
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    Reading Wireless Air Transmitter using Arduino

    Is the protocol open? Does anyone have documentation for it? What’s the frequency?
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    Hi from Pittsburgh!

    Hi If you contact Crusty’s they can help with a buddy, or they have divemasters you can hire to show you around. Also if you post here you might be able to find a buddy
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    Hi from Pittsburgh!

    Also have you been to Crusty’s yet? Crustys Quarry - Facility Information
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    Hi from Pittsburgh!

    Hi. Welcome to diving. Scott’s Scuba has an underwater photography class on Sept 5 near Pittsburgh if you are interested.
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