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    Compressor clunking / rattling while running: need diagnostic / repair help

    Either one of your final stage valves is leaking or a condensate drain seat is shot. Let the compressor build pressure and switch it off and spray soapy water around final separator and filter housing to determine possible leaks. It sounds like floating piston rattle to me. Could also be a...
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    Fiji Diving - January

    Cyclone season.
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    Croc attacks kill two - Solomon Islands

    That 4 footer the four of us tried to corner in knee deep water near Gavutu wharf 2 decades ago could have ended in tears ...............what were we thinking?
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    Bauer filter cartridge expiry date

    You can send them to me and I'll see to it that they are disposed of properly.:wink:
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    Is this a good deal?

    That unit is a bargain for the price. As Michael says, 550 hours is nothing for these pumps which are designed for around 30,000 hours. You can check the type of oil in it by putting a bit on a rag and shine a uv light on it .....if it fluoresces, it's mineral oil and you can follow Michael's...
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    Compressor for now and later?

    6cfm is slow if you fill one tank at a time. My portable 6cfm Noah Howden has 4 fill whips on it and looking at past records, it filled four 12liter fabers from 100bar to 260bar in 44 minutes. On another occasion it filled two 12 liter and two 15 liter fabers from 50bar to 265bar in 65 minutes...
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    Alkin W31 2nd/3rd stage water separator issue

    I'm not familiar with the Alkin, but if it hasn't got two small holes in the top of the cap for a pin spanner, you can try one of the old style metal strap oil filter wrenches.
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    Help please! OPV on Bauer JrII not opening...

    Try and put the PMV adjusting cap back in the original position and tighten the lock nut on the grub screw. To confirm whether you have the correct position, connect the fill whip to a tank but leave the tank valve closed and start the compressor. Watch the pressure gauge on the whip as the...
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    Bauer Oceanus?

    Looking at your photos, your base plate and carrying handle appear to be the standard Junior 2 issue, whereas the Oceanus came with stainless steel items. I see the Oceanus sticker but I would be looking for the oil pump on the block.
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    WTB Tank Whip (For Cleaning)

    Can use solid rod or hollow tube. Drill holes. insert stainless wire and lock in with a hammer. :D
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    Bauer Junior 2 no high pressure

    Do you have a filter cartridge in the PO/P21 ?
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    Nardi Atlantic 100 Oil?

    Shell Corena S2 P150 is a mineral oil which replaced Corena P150 Shell Corena S4 P100 is a synthetic oil
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    got any ideas

    It's a Mariner 1 7.5 CFM with a 5.5 HP motor 9 CFM with a 7.5 HP motor
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    Help! Bauer Poseidon p320 block?

    The first and second stage are on top of one another. The Poseidon block is very similar to the Bauer IK 12.14 with a few plumbing changes like oil filler position being very obvious and pipe coming out of 4th stage barrel and redirection of crank case breather tube. The first / second, 3rd...
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    K14 advice needed

    Yes........tell her the 20 Liter pail is not cooking oil.
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    New Compressor Owner

    If the Subaru engine hasn't been started for quite a while, the fuel in the float bowl has either turned to a gel or crystallized. Remove the bolt holding the float bowl to the Carby and clean up the bowl of any fuel residue. Next push out the float pivot pin and lower the float and pin valve...
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    Compressor identification

    Going by the first stage, it's a Mariner as it has a valve plate and no valve plugs coming out of the top of the head like the Utilus and Capitano have. These compressors came fitted with a P1 which has been replaced with an aftermarket final oil and water separator ( black unit in front of...
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    What is happening in Singapore right now?

    I spent all of February in Cambodia mingling with lots of skinny active people including Chinese labourers in Sihanoukville at the time of the Westerdam arrival. The best I could manage was a sore throat and runny nose for 1.5 days......and a bout of food poisoning two weeks later. YMMV
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    What is happening in Singapore right now?

    Knock yourself out. About 1500 to 3000 die in Australia from the flu per year which makes covid 19 look like a pussy. how many people die from the common cold in australia - Google Search
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