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    Palantic Xtreme single tank S/S BPW w 40 LB wing

    I've been offered a brand new Palantic Xtreme BP/W setup. Comes with 3 mil stainless steel backplate, harness with crotch strap, 2 tank bands and a 40 pound donut wing. The 40 pound wing seems like overkill for my use, but I can buy this set for $250.00 (brand new in box). I'm not familiar...
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    Solved: How to change Garibaldi or Angel Fish?

    Member 'Deepsea5' by Deepsea5 has been reported by Deepsea5. Reason given: Content being reported:
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    RIP Rodney Gagnon (Maine)

    Rodney was a friend; and also my Patrol Sargeant and Dive Master during my time as an Androscoggin County Deputy Sheriff. He was truly one of the greatest! RIP Rodney!! SABATTUS, MAINE – Rodney Gagnon passed away June 29, 2020, with his family by his side, after a valiant battle with cancer...
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