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    This is a great addition John! Thanks to you and the other Mods for making this happen! :)
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    Rescuing an unconscious diver underwater.

    Hey John, Do you have a copy of AG's report on he rescue? My copy is on my other laptop that has a damaged screen from an unfortunate accident with my son's airsoft gun. ;)
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    Rescuing an unconscious diver underwater. was a long when he was the training director for GUE. I think it was the shop owner that toxed somehow. It's really old news.
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    Rescuing an unconscious diver underwater.

    Absolutely! And in this example the toxing diver spits his reg out, and AG replaces it with his.
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    Rescuing an unconscious diver underwater.

    Here's an example of how to do it right. AG actually saved one of his student's a number of years back like this. YouTube - toxing diver rescue
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    Doubles recommendations for a small framed women?'re hardcore! If I ever go ice-diving I'm taking you with!
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    deep air

    I should start my own deep air thread...they are so entertaining. :cool2:
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    BSAC on “Hogarthian rigging” and “Primary take” for “out of gas response”

    All of it. I've never heard someone say so much without saying a damn thing.
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    Deep Solo Wreck Dive

    Thanks for sharing this with us. :) I remember going to salvage a boat motor one time that my uncle had dropped off the back of his boat. I think I was 16 years old at the time...I think that was in 1986 or 87. I was all dressed in my wetsuit and rental gear and heading down a line into some...
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    The UTD Pit Exploration Project November 2009, Tulum, Mexico Trip Report

    I just read the PDF and that's a fantastic report Andrew! What blows my mind is that you used 27 cuft of diluent/backgas, and 12 cuft of O2 for a 9 hour dive! That's really some great stuff! :)
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    The Cypress Sea's last trip will be Sunday

    Wow! Bummer! :(
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    Simple SAC Calculation

    That may take a set of doubles and a loooooonnngggg decompression! :D
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    Simple SAC Calculation

    What if your buddy isn't on the couch with you? Or what if he is, but has a beer in his right hand? Is he supposed to donate the pizza in his left?...Never mind...I're solo it's your I'm confused!
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    Simple SAC Calculation

    Lol...yeah, I don't think I'd calculate my SAC rate like that. It's amazing the stuff they put into print. :shakehead:
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    Why the SPG is clipped to the hip ring.

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    Why the SPG is clipped to the hip ring.

    Lol...yes! It comes standard with the tic-tac-toe deco badge. ;)
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    Why the SPG is clipped to the hip ring.

    Are you calling Jeff the king of the strokes and that he need to get control of his people? :D *ducks head*
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    Why the SPG is clipped to the hip ring.

    Lol...I can refer you to an instructor that'll teach you bottle handling skills on your knees if you want Casey. :eyebrow:
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    Army Diver new to forum

    Welcome to ScubaBoard! :)
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    Why the SPG is clipped to the hip ring.

    I actually have an 80 that I use specifically for that. I'll use 1 that's full and 1 thats empty with 1 or 2 on a leash. It's great for working on bouyancy control when clipping and unclipping stages. :)
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