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  1. EevelMonkee

    Diving in Blue Lagoon Huntsville, TX Just put this together from some diving at Blue Lagoon last summer. Shot in 1080p with a GoPro HD Hero2 with BlurFix flat lens and UR/PRO red filter. Enjoy!
  2. EevelMonkee

    New Cozumel Dive Video - GoPro Hero2 with BlurFix and UR/PRO red filter

    Check out the new video. Best viewed from YouTube in HD! Cozumel 12-2012 (HD) - YouTube Follow my blog here Diving Addiction Enjoy!
  3. EevelMonkee

    Mammoth Lake, TX Conditions 9/16

    Hello All, FYI, Dove Mammoth Lake today early afternoon. Viz was 5 ft and temp was 85 from surface to 35 ft. Have a nice week! EM
  4. EevelMonkee

    HD Hero2 with BlurFix Video Filmed in Hawaii

    Hi Guys! I put together this video with my new HD Hero that I modified with the BlurFix flat lens from AquaPro HD. I also used the CY red filter also from AquaPro. The video is filmed off the south side of Oahu. Music is from Morris/Roberts Group Morris/Roberts Group | North Fort Myers, FL |...
  5. EevelMonkee

    New Sealife DC1200 pics from Oahu

    Hello Everyone! I just posted some new pics taken with my DC1200 off the southern coast of Oahu. They're on my blog Diving Addiction I'm not using a strobe and the water was a bit cloudier than usual so the color is not a vivid as I'd like it to be. I did use the camera's internal flash for...
  6. EevelMonkee

    Belews Lake NC Diving?

    I found a couple reports on the internet but wondering if any Scubaboarders have ever dove Belews Lake in North Carolina. More specifically in the winter but please share any experience you may have. Thanks!
  7. EevelMonkee

    GoPro Hero Video filmed in Kauai

  8. EevelMonkee

    New Sealife DC1200 pics from Kauai

    Hello All! I posted some new pics on my blog, including a decent one of a Dragon Moray. They were taken with a DC1200 (no strobe) here on Kauai. Check em' out: Diving Addiction
  9. EevelMonkee

    New Sealife Pics from Kauai

    Hey Guys, I've posted new pics taken with Sealife cameras on my blog Diving Addiction. My camera is a DC1200. My buddy's pics were taken using a DC600 with strobe and wide-angle lens.
  10. EevelMonkee

    Citizen JV0020-12F Eco-Drive 20th Anniversary Aqualand Dive Watch Review

    Just posted a review of my Citizen dive watch on my blog: Diving Addiction: Citizen JV0020-12F Eco-Drive 20th Anniversary Aqualand Dive Watch Review Includes links to sellers.
  11. EevelMonkee

    Sealife DC1200 Review

    I just posted a review of the DC1200 with links to my pictures on my blog Diving Addiction: More about the Sealife DC1200. Hope its helpful.
  12. EevelMonkee

    USVI Dive Pictures

    Hi Folks. Pictures and descriptions of my diving in St. Thomas and St. Croix over the last several days can be viewed here:Diving Addiction. The pictures were taken with my Sealife DC1200 without external strobe. I experimented with various settings and will be happy to answer any questions...
  13. EevelMonkee

    St. Thomas Pictures

    Here are some pictures from my dive trip in St. Thomas, USVI: Flickr: EevelMonkee's Photostream Most were taken with a Sealife DC1200 without strobe, set on underwater mode. I'm headed to St. Croix for diving now so I will have a full trip report in about a week. One of my favorites is...
  14. EevelMonkee

    Zeagle LaZer Sale

    Maybe old news but just a heads up that the Zeagle LaZer (women's BC) is on sale at leisurepro for $344.95. Could be last year's model but seems to be a great price. Would make a great gift for the wife or girlfriend if you've been procrastinating. :santa3: Zeagle LaZer Women's BC
  15. EevelMonkee

    St. Thomas or St. Croix

    I'm considering a few days in St. Thomas or St. Croix in early January. For dive ops, I've seen a lot of good things about Admiralty in St. Thomas and S.C.U.B.A. in St. Croix. Any personal preferences between the two locations or recommendations on accommodation in either place? Thanks, Gabe
  16. EevelMonkee

    Warm Water Dive Trips from NC

    Hey Guys, I'm hanging around NC for a couple months without much to do and would love to take some 4-5 day trips to warm waters to get some diving in. So, any suggestions from experience on places to go that aren't too hard on the wallet and worth the trip? Thanks, Gabe
  17. EevelMonkee

    Sanibel Island Diving Late November

    I know Sanibel has been discussed before and from what I can find, there isn't much to speak of as far as diving there goes. Since I will be on Sanibel at the end of November I thought I would give it another shot anyway. So...Any diving worth checking out in the Sanibel / Ft. Myers area in...
  18. EevelMonkee

    Apeks XTX20 Review

    Hello All, I just wanted to supply a little feedback on my use of an Apeks XTX20 regulator 1st and second stage. Most information on the well known scuba sites, including this one, is accurate and I have not found a negative review. The "underwaterdivingequipment" site has some incorrect info...
  19. EevelMonkee

    New Member

    Hello All. I'm currently a Divemaster Candidate and looking forward to sharing information on ScubaBoard. I'm thinking of pursuing the IDC early next year but just hope to be able to keep diving regardless. -EM
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