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  1. EevelMonkee

    Diving in Blue Lagoon Huntsville, TX Just put this together from some diving at Blue Lagoon last summer. Shot in 1080p with a GoPro HD Hero2 with BlurFix flat lens and UR/PRO red filter. Enjoy!
  2. EevelMonkee

    New Cozumel Dive Video - GoPro Hero2 with BlurFix and UR/PRO red filter

    Check out the new video. Best viewed from YouTube in HD! Cozumel 12-2012 (HD) - YouTube Follow my blog here Diving Addiction Enjoy!
  3. EevelMonkee

    Mammoth Lake, TX Conditions 9/16

    Hello All, FYI, Dove Mammoth Lake today early afternoon. Viz was 5 ft and temp was 85 from surface to 35 ft. Have a nice week! EM
  4. EevelMonkee

    HD Hero2 with BlurFix Video Filmed in Hawaii

    I have the camera attached to a standard dive gear retractor like you might attach a small torch to. I hook that to a D-Ring on my shoulder. To shoot video I just pull the camera out and hold it in my hand. If I'm not using it I just let it retract back and it's totally out of the way. For...
  5. EevelMonkee

    HD Hero2 with BlurFix Video Filmed in Hawaii

    Glad you liked the video! Wish I could give you a better answer on this but I'm really not sure. I think it has mostly to do with the computer and/or internet processing and streaming the HD video. You can play video on an HD TV directly from the GoPro using and HDMI-mini cable and this...
  6. EevelMonkee

    HD Hero2 with BlurFix Video Filmed in Hawaii

    New video diving the YO-257 and San Pedro wrecks. Filmed in 1080p with a GoPro HD Hero2 equipped with the BlurFix flat lens and red filter. Music by Morris / Roberts Group. Best watched on YouTube in 1080p fullscreen. Enjoy! <span style="font-family: 'Trebuchet MS', Trebuchet, sans-serif...
  7. EevelMonkee

    HD Hero2 with BlurFix Video Filmed in Hawaii

    Hi Guys! I put together this video with my new HD Hero that I modified with the BlurFix flat lens from AquaPro HD. I also used the CY red filter also from AquaPro. The video is filmed off the south side of Oahu. Music is from Morris/Roberts Group Morris/Roberts Group | North Fort Myers, FL |...
  8. EevelMonkee

    Advice needed for moving to Hawaii

    I lived on Kauai for a bit and now on Oahu. Kauai is very quiet with low population density. It has beautiful beaches, especially on the north shore. The only "city" is Lihue on the south shore and Wal-Mart is basically the center of shopping opportunities there. Kapaa, on the east side, is...
  9. EevelMonkee

    Doing 4 open water dives.

    Very Cool! Enjoy your journey into the amazing underwater world! Just relax and have confidence in yourself. You're about to have a whole new appreciation of our Earth!
  10. EevelMonkee

    New Sealife DC1200 pics from Oahu

    Hello Everyone! I just posted some new pics taken with my DC1200 off the southern coast of Oahu. They're on my blog Diving Addiction I'm not using a strobe and the water was a bit cloudier than usual so the color is not a vivid as I'd like it to be. I did use the camera's internal flash for...
  11. EevelMonkee

    Belews Lake NC Diving?

    Did a couple dives at Belews Lake yesterday. Conditions were better than expected but not great. Had a really good time though. Paddled out in a canoe from the boat ramp to a small island and then entered the water from shore. Water temp was 61, 5-10 ft of viz and got down to 42 ft on the...
  12. EevelMonkee

    Belews Lake NC Diving?

    Thanks for the responses! JMR does look generally better for diving but does not have the heated water aspect of Belews. I will be diving wet to test the suitability of the location for conducting open water dives for a course. I'm looking for 20ft of water, 10ft of viz, and water temp of 65...
  13. EevelMonkee

    Belews Lake NC Diving?

    I found a couple reports on the internet but wondering if any Scubaboarders have ever dove Belews Lake in North Carolina. More specifically in the winter but please share any experience you may have. Thanks!
  14. EevelMonkee

    why is exercising after diving bad?

    To use a very simple and not completely accurate illustration: If nitrogen is absorbed into your tissues from a recent dive, intense physical activity may have a similar effect to shaking up a bottle of soda, making gas in solution more likely to bubble out. So intense exercise followed by a...
  15. EevelMonkee

    GoPro Hero Video filmed in Kauai

    Sure is!
  16. EevelMonkee

    GoPro Hero Video filmed in Kauai

  17. EevelMonkee

    Happy Aloha Friday!

    Nothing quite like the black water dive off Kauai. Maybe some possibilities on Niihau. Koloa Landing is the prime night dive spot on Kauai. Easy entry (its a shore dive), max depth of 40ft on the reef, and plenty to see make it a cool night dive spot.
  18. EevelMonkee

    Happy Aloha Friday!

    Koloa Landing on Kauai. Morning dives tomorrow and night dives Monday!
  19. EevelMonkee

    New Sealife DC1200 pics from Kauai

    Hello All! I posted some new pics on my blog, including a decent one of a Dragon Moray. They were taken with a DC1200 (no strobe) here on Kauai. Check em' out: Diving Addiction
  20. EevelMonkee

    New to the board, Moody in Kuwait

    Welcome! I lived in Kuwait myself for a couple years not too long ago. Around the Mahboula area. I never dove in Kuwait but I can't imagine it compares to the Philippines. Safe Diving!
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