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    Buying new vs used - pros & cons?

    Or hardwire a Fathom HUD in with either his or Jon L splitter boards.
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    CCR trained… still diving OC?

    There’s a ton of value coming from an OC (at minimum Tech1) mix background, especially when stuff hits the fan. Unfortunately, it’s not a requirement for most agencies. The number of OC bailouts required at minimum per standards over the course of MOD1 through MOD3 is not very high.
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    How to remove DUI valve for cleaning

    It’s glued in, as Jon indicated above
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    OMS Deep Ocean 2.0 - any experience?

    Much worse. A poor fit for both applications. Unlike the prior versions of this wing, I don't think you can cut the retraction system off either.
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    For Sale Light Monkey Pitkin Heater Controller

    Still for sale. It duplicates functionality I already have in other battery lids.
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    What sidemount tanks should I get next?

    What is driving the desire for more cylinders? Frequency of fills? Running into penetration limits on your current gas in overhead? Sentiment that there's something better of a similar capacity? If I needed a second set of cylinders for fill frequency and in your shoes, I'd get another set of...
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    Dive Rite O2ptima Close Circuit Rebreather

    $6000, FMCL, Dive Rite DSV (not the divesoft BOV) to save anyone looking for details on the link.
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    Been busy diving

    Simply digging for clarification. I’m rather curious how someone I’ve never met, nor been on a boat with, has such distrust and public distaste in another member of the very small community of local technical divers. It seems she’s since used the ignore feature on SB and has never allowed public...
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    Been busy diving

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    For Sale X7-100 twin package – rare!!!

    Best of luck with the sale. Might be worth hydroing first.
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    Where to start?

    Quoting for visibility.
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    xDeep Stealth 2.0 Tec Canister Light Position?

    Below the bolt. There’s likely images on ProTec Facebook posts or on Hidden Worlds Instagram.
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    Retrofit e/o fitting?

    If you order the correct diameter cord (or change the gland), it’s more than likely a drop in with some soldering. Better question is what’s the capacity of your pack and do you need the ability to step down your heat (e.g something other than On or Off).
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    Been busy diving

    Generally speaking, people reserve not trusting me for some point after I’ve met them.
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    Been busy diving

    I don't know that we've ever met.
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    Been busy diving

    Your apparent combative tone to @jvogt posts do not jive with the understanding of the differences in the shape of the cans nor that of the counterlung. Yes, the three were all on Facebook and the posts are since deleted. Mike Young has posted two that he's sold for friends in the past couple...
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    Been busy diving

    If you look a little more closely at both units (and especially pictures of the newer Spirits), you’ll see what @jvogt is getting at. He’s not saying you should get a sidewinder; he’s saying there exists enough similar parts that with some additional hardware and the new CL design from Mike, it...
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    Drysuit dump valve and shutdowns

    This is the way.
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