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  1. Ray and Pam

    What's this guy?

    Think it's some type of Wrasse?
  2. Ray and Pam

    Few pics from Sept 2018

    Some things I haven't seen before.. Slipper Lobster Glasseye Snapper? Sea Hare? Salt Pier traffic Pipefish?
  3. Ray and Pam

    Trip Report CBRR 5-11 Nov 2017

    I found our trip to be pretty much like everyone says. Airport delays, good food, good diving and DMs, nice resort, nice people, an older group of divers with a more relaxed quiet atmosphere. In many of my pics around the resort there arent’ any people in them but all three boats were running...
  4. Ray and Pam

    UFO under Dive Paradise Pier

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