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  1. Nemrod

    To be, finger tight or wrench tight is the question ?

    A little thing and just a curious question. It came up with a dive buddy and friend of mine who was helping me set up one of my regulators. He asked upon completion of adjustment because he had noted that the second stage to hose swivel connection had been only finger tight, if I wanted it to be...
  2. Nemrod

    Fin Weight

    Feel free to add the weight of your fins. The following fins fit my Nike/New Balance size 11 foot with 3mm or 5mm boots with a sole (Mares Classic). I get these weights on the following fins: Scubapro Jet Fin size XL - 6.5 pounds (spring straps added*) OMS Slipstream size XL - 5 pounds Deep...
  3. Nemrod

    Socially Distanced Diver Cert

    I heard PadI was going to change their Self-Reliant pseudo-solo diver cert name, due to the new post Wuhan virus norm, and call it the Socially Distanced Diver certification. Then it would be accepted everywhere in the world, no questions asked. I knew there was a reason I did not like having...
  4. Nemrod

    Sony NA-6XXX and Inon UWL100 Achromat lens combo

    For what it might be worth to anyone in the future, I have been able to put together my NA-6400 Nauticam and my old Inon UWL100 Achromat lens with Dome Conversion successfully. Many people had or still have these old Inon wide angle lenses (commonly used on the Oly 5050 and Ikelite combo as was...
  5. Nemrod

    HSS ?

    Right now this may not be relevant to many shooters but there are cameras on the market now and for a little while that support HSS strobes, for example, the Sony A6XXX series. And I know there are others. But, at this time, there is only one UW strobe that allows manual HSS and that is the...
  6. Nemrod

    TG housing port diameter?

    Can anyone tell me the port diameter of the various TG housings produced by Olympus? Is it 47mm, 52mm or 67mm? Did they change diameter at some point from 47mm to 52mm? James
  7. Nemrod

    Prescription or readers to see the dang camera?

    I cannot see my camera or read the screen, or my SPG or my watch. I was able to manage with my S90/FIX because I was so familiar with it. My new Nauticam NA6400, I cannot see anything. I was in the pool last night testing set ups and gave up. I have stick on readers in my mask but they were...
  8. Nemrod

    What will fit into the Nauticam NA-6400 housing?

    I doubt I will easily find the answer for this. Aside from the (lack of a) strobe, will a A6600 camera body fit into the NA-6400 housing? A6XXX, is any of the current or just past A6XXX cameras close enough in size and control layout to drop into the NA-6400 housing? More of a curiosity than a...
  9. Nemrod

    For Sale UWL-28M52 water contact lens

    This is a NIB lens, never used. It has a 52mm threaded mount. The lens provides a FOV of approximately 160+ degrees depending upon the camera and housing port specifics. This lens was $400 new and is current manufacture product. Includes the original box, neoprene dome cover and rear cap. Asking...
  10. Nemrod

    What is your favorite of all time regulator?

    I will surprise you. Nope, not a Argonaut Kraken though I do love them dearly, nope, not a Conshelf though I extoll their virtues whenever possible, nope, not even the vaunted Scubapro 109/Mark V as pretty as they are. Nope, none of those, it is a plain, old, first generation AL Titan LX...
  11. Nemrod

    Pick and Pluck and Plasti Dip

    Leaving aside the foam vs other case interior and liner systems, has anyone done the Plasti Dip spray on their pick and pluck case interiors? I may eventually go to the TrekPac system for my Pelican 1535 but for now I have the pick and pluck foam liner and have it "plucked and picked" for my...
  12. Nemrod

    Camera Rig Negativity

    I have never had a set up like my new Nautican NA6400 plus WWL-1 (and Inon UWL100+dome) and I knew in advance it would be heavy both in and out of the water. My previous UW camera rigs leaving out home made stuff going back to around 1974 has been a Nikonos and then a Nikonos III (strobes plus...
  13. Nemrod

    For Sale Canon S90/FIX 90 Outfit with Lenses and Tray

    I am considering selling my faithful and still very capable and fully functional Canon S90 and FIX 90 aluminum housing. (1) FIX 90 aluminum housing in very good condition, about 20 or so dives since last service, with rubber viewer shield and optical strobe adapter for flash port. (2)...
  14. Nemrod

    For Sale Conshelf and AMF Regulator Sets

    Here is the Conshelf set, new or nearly new hoses, new exhaust tees of the latest style, "tech" rigged. Fully working. The photos make it look like the covers are dented, they are not, just the usual Conshelf wear: This is the AMF MR12 set. New tees, new or nearly new hoses, also "tech"...
  15. Nemrod

    Sony A6XXX and battery life and strobe considerations

    Okay, not been here in a while so howdy. Still shooting my FIX/S90 (which is still in great shape) but I am now, seriously looking at a new rig. My top list now are the Sony A6400, Nauticam housing and WWL1 lens for starters. I plan to retain my excellent Inon D2000 strobes. Last night I...
  16. Nemrod

    What are the HOT cameras and housings?

    What are you guys shooting as I apparently need a new one. Prosumer, mirrorless, dslr even. N
  17. Nemrod

    Sometimes I think---

    What it must be like to float leisurely on the surface in a nice, soft BC vest, my head high and my rig stable. Sometimes I even think what it must be like not to have a cold piece of metal stabbing my in my rear end. Sometimes I think like it would sure be nice to have some big, roomy pockets...
  18. Nemrod

    H20 Inon Strobe Improvement Kit?

    I recently got this and added it to both of my D2000 strobes. I like the larger knobs very much. But the kit came with a back up O-ring to be installed into the battery cover cap. I installed the O-rings but I am concerned they may not be a good idea and effect sealing of the primary (yellow)...
  19. Nemrod

    Who has the fat-est compact rig?

    That is right, fatest, not fastest. Rigged with all lenses, batteries, accessories and ready to rock and roll as it would be pre-splash down, what does it all weigh dry and if you know, when wet? Also, if you can, what is it, what accesories, strobes, arms etc.. My FIX90 is right at 12 pounds...
  20. Nemrod

    Copenhagen by shore dive?

    I have searched the threads and did find a little info but not really enough to answer my question(s). I am early planning my annual Florida trip and thought to dive this by shore entry. I know it is a good swim and it is possible I might reconsider now with my advanced age of 61 ;). But, in...
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