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  1. Ray and Pam

    Lombok and Bali Trip Oct - Nov 2021

    Just noticed your dive buddies "tag along tang" in post #4, first pic. I used to carry a small plastic horse in case someone wanted to get a pic of a seahorse.
  2. Ray and Pam

    Fiji Airways Baggage Allowances

    Just received this... Thank you for contacting Fiji Airways. Yes, you'll have enough time to connect to your Matei flight. (Landing in NAN at 4:40am with connecting flight to TVU at 7:15am) Are you flying internationally and domestically on the same ticket? If they are, your baggage...
  3. Ray and Pam

    Fiji Airways Baggage Allowances

    We're taking the same route in April, TUL-LAX-NAN, then NAN-TVU. A Fiji air rep suggested to book one ticket from TUL-TUV and we wouldn't be restricted to the 33lb rule. Called AA and they couldn't do the NAN-TVU segment even though we will be using Fiji air from LAX-NAN and NAN-TVU. It...
  4. Ray and Pam

    Garden Island Resort - Fiji

    Aquabluegreg, what did you find out about this? I was on their website last nite trying to figure that out. They allow 66lbs from LAX to Fiji, but then only allow 33lbs from Nadi or Suva to Taveuni. It was $8 (I'm guessing FJI) for every 2.2 lbs from Nadi, or $6 from Suva. This will be our...
  5. Ray and Pam

    When does sand come into the shore diving sites?

    Parrot fish are on strike. We usually go in October but made it in late August this year. We did notice on the giant stride off Capt Dons pier that we would touch bottom and that Bachelors Beach actually had a beach this year. Time of the year? acually
  6. Ray and Pam

    Trip Report Captain Don’s Habitat Sept 4th - Sept 11th

    We've stayed at Captain Dons and Buddy Dive each at least 3 times. Love the studio with full kitchen at Buddys . The rooms are the perfect size for two of us and small enough they cool off fast. Prefer Captain Dons dive locker area, easier access to lockers and much more room, possibly due...
  7. Ray and Pam

    2021 Bonaire roll call

    Good news for ya is weather has been terrible, yesterdays morning boat dive could qualify as a night dive. Lots of rain, dark clouds, windy and cold, just wanted to take a warm shower and put on dry clothes. But, first 3 days had 3 to 6 people max on boat dives. Today, our last day of boat...
  8. Ray and Pam

    2021 Bonaire roll call

    We make it! Flight to Atlanta was 30 minutes early and flight out to Bonaire was 15 minutes late. There were only like 35 passengers on the Delta flight to Bonaire. So we had great service, bathrooms always had a vacany, people sleeping in their 3 seat beds, etc. Landing, saw American flight...
  9. Ray and Pam

    2021 Bonaire roll call

    OK, we'll try not to trash the plane too much.:nyah:
  10. Ray and Pam

    2021 Bonaire roll call

    We're getting closer, may make it this year. Cleared the first hurdle this morning. Went to Tulsa airport and got our RT-PCR negative results back in about 5 hrs , $125 each. Next hurdle, 46 minute layover in Atlanta about 9am Wednesday.
  11. Ray and Pam

    2021 Bonaire roll call

    I'm calling it an iguana...
  12. Ray and Pam

    2021 Bonaire roll call

    Oh, don't have a shark, need to get one next week.
  13. Ray and Pam

    2021 Bonaire roll call

    Seen alot of them on a Deco Stop at Captain Dons, now on a shelf in our bathroom.
  14. Ray and Pam

    New Bonaire YouTube Videos

    OK great, that's where they are. Our last trip 2 years ago we went up there to dive Candyland and Tailor Made but weren't even close to those entries. The topography was great, but I made a note to find better entries. We both watched the videos and will watch them again in about 3 weeks...
  15. Ray and Pam

    2021 Bonaire roll call

    You flying Delta? See ya on da boat or house reef!
  16. Ray and Pam

    Finding a (Best) Dive Op in Cozumel

    Brain Damage... see ya soon
  17. Ray and Pam

    Wyndham as a Dive Operator?

    It's on the west side of Hot Coz and you can see some blue over the tops of the roofs along the shore.
  18. Ray and Pam

    2021 Bonaire roll call

    25 Aug to 4 Sept Ray and Pam Delta Captain Don's Hopefully, 3rd try is a charm
  19. Ray and Pam

    Here They Come!

    Get the funniest looks from..
  20. Ray and Pam

    Culebra Diving

    Culebra and the flight to get there are awesome. Been twice, dove once. We would go back to stay and hang out all day at Flamenco Beach and would maybe do one or two days diving. But we wouldn't go back for the diving. The family would love Flamenco Beach. There are only two places on...
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