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  1. Kimela

    Recommendations for Nautilus/lifeline?

    We have the original unit. I just read through some instructions from DiveHatteras website and found them helpful. The most helpful was the reminder to do a pre-dive check by clicking the orange button 3 times quickly to get a message of "Good to go" before you close the unit and go diving.
  2. Kimela

    Ever wonder why your carry on gets searched

    Most of our travel over the past two years has been to/from Cozumel. I always have the same things in carry on (regulator, camera, computer, batteries for camera, mask, odds & ends). It gets searched about a third of the time. No rhyme or reason that I have found. Last time Mexican security saw...
  3. Kimela

    Trip Report Juliet Liveaboard to Bahamas (May 22-28, 2021)

    We'll be half the boat - assuming the other folks aren't SBers and we just haven't figured it out yet. :)
  4. Kimela

    Has anyone taken an Apple Watch to depth?

    From the apple website: Apple Watch Series 6, Apple Watch SE, and Apple Watch Series 3 have a water resistance rating of 50 meters under ISO standard 22810:2010. This means that they may be used for shallow-water activities like swimming in a pool or ocean. However, they should not be used for...
  5. Kimela

    Has anyone taken an Apple Watch to depth?

    My husband said he'd take his on a dive if he was already planning to buy a new watch. It's getting close to upgrade time. I'll let you know if/when this happens!
  6. Kimela

    Has anyone taken an Apple Watch to depth?

    I can't imagine the generation watch I have would be water resistant. It has that little crown that you push to activate the app menu and I assume that's where water would get in. I'll have to look up the SE. Maybe it's different?
  7. Kimela

    Question for those who dive a Zeagle Zena

    Mine is also attached to a D-ring on the right side. I opted to put it on the higher D-ring to help get it 'out of the way' more.
  8. Kimela

    I'm not lucky with UW cameras

    Call SeaLife and tell them what's happening. When I got my Micro it actually flooded - not supposed to be possible, but it did. They had me take it to a dive shop where they replaced it and upgraded it to one with more memory. Then that danged thing froze while I was taking pictures. I think the...
  9. Kimela

    Community link from main page needs updating

    Me too. On a Mac. EDIT: now it's working!
  10. Kimela

    Posture, neck discomfort while diving

    It’s not necessary for you to stay horizontal the whole time - a little tilt is a-ok. Save your purely horizontal time for when you actually need to be horizontal. You’ll save a lot of stress on your neck that way. If your head is hitting your first stage, see if you can get your BC higher on...
  11. Kimela

    Always wear a wetsuit?

    If the water temp hits 82 or below I'm wearing a wetsuit of some kind - but if the water requires more than 5mil, I'm out! Higher than 82 and I'll be crossing my fingers in rash guards. It's such a personal thing.
  12. Kimela

    Shark Cage Diving? Not for me!!!

    This is from Twitter - hope you can open it to view it. The shark gets into and the out the top of the cage. Diver is fine, but they weren't sure he was still on this earthly plane for a hot minute...
  13. Kimela

    What really is an "Advanced Open Water" diver?

    It should mean something - but I humbly (and sadly) submit that it only means you 'put another dollar in' and got a few more dives. :( I like the idea of OW-1 and OW-2.
  14. Kimela

    Trip Report Juliet Liveaboard to Bahamas (May 22-28, 2021)

    I'm just now getting around to reading your trip report, and it was so helpful and informative! Thanks for taking the time to be so thorough. We're getting ready for our 4th trip on the Juliet in October and I agree that the crew makes it amazing. Liza is the owner and one of the captains and...
  15. Kimela

    Trip Report Juliet Liveaboard to Bahamas (May 22-28, 2021)

    So it'll be you, me, my husband Roger, and @Janie88 and her husband!! Woot!
  16. Kimela

    Trip Report Juliet Liveaboard to Bahamas (May 22-28, 2021)

    @edoralive, which October trip are you on? There are a couple of us from SB who will be on the October 2-8 trip!
  17. Kimela


    I have two kids in Connecticut. One in Farmington and one in New Haven. Worried most about the one in New Haven. Henri looks wicked. I remember getting a glancing blow from a tropical storm when we lived in Avon (near Hartford) and it was ugly. This will be bigger. Hoping all of our CT, RI, MA...
  18. Kimela

    2021 Bonaire roll call

    What dive site did you see all those? Groovy cool man!
  19. Kimela

    2021 Bonaire roll call

    We decided to cancel our October trip now that Bonaire's testing requirements have changed from 72 to 48 hours. We can't guarantee that we'd get test results back quickly enough for a 48 hour turnaround and don't have the stomach to roll the dice. Sad, but hope to dive Bonaire some time in the...
  20. Kimela

    Ways to get buddy's attention?

    Bang on your tank with whatEVER you have!!! I got one of those safety/signaling things that you shake and calls all the sharks to you ('rattle stick'). It didn't work to get my husband's attention. But if I bang it against my tank, it works! Metal against metal! Go figure!!!
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