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  1. Sbiriguda

    Shore Dive Spots around Rapallo

    Before the shore there is also another access, some stairs going down the hill from the road, a few hundred meters before the shore. If you want to change diving spot you can try that one too
  2. Sbiriguda

    Diving Roman ruins in Italy

    There are several roman ships dive in Italy, at different depths, some of them accessible only to technical divers like the one you linked which is at 60 meters. Close to it there is also the "secca di Santo Stefano" which is a nice non-archeological dive As far as I know also in Liguria there...
  3. Sbiriguda

    Diving Roman ruins in Italy

    The ruins in Baia are very close to the surface, let me say at like 6 or 7 meters. The visibility depends a lot from the sea conditions. Close to Baia there is also the "secca delle fumose" with both roman ruins (less interesting than Baia) and volcanic water underwater geysers and volcanic...
  4. Sbiriguda

    Seaskin trilam drysuit purchase simulation

    1) Yes I like the zipped pockets and would recommend them. Eventually I didn't get them face forward but on the sides, which is a more common setup, following the advice I received here 2) I like the base layer, but honestly I am not sure it is better than other sport base layers, I would say...
  5. Sbiriguda

    Seaskin trilam drysuit purchase simulation

    No they forgot to include the p-valve in the drysuit even if i ordered It. They reduced the price accordingly and made a refund when i contacted them. They also asked me if i wanted the p-valve delivered separately and then install It myself, but i decided i dont really Need It now and i kept...
  6. Sbiriguda

    Seaskin trilam drysuit purchase simulation

    Hi elZub Yes I am happy with it. Honestly I had only a few dives with it until now, because for several reasons I could dive only a little recently. Anyway, the product is good, sturdy and well manufactured, also based on the opinion of more experienced divers who saw it. As for the setup, I am...
  7. Sbiriguda

    Lanzarote (Museo atlantico, reefs & wrecks)

    Thanks for your trip report Nice videos both of the dives and of the landscapes
  8. Sbiriguda

    Diving in Sardinia
  9. Sbiriguda

    Shore Dive Spots around Rapallo

    Paraggi It's right out of the border of the Portofino marine park You can go by yourself, no diving center there
  10. Sbiriguda

    World’s deepest pool in Dubai

    Probably more interesting for freedivers than for scuba divers
  11. Sbiriguda

    Varna Bulgaria

    Thanks for your trip report
  12. Sbiriguda

    Seahorses in Greece

    I saw seahorses of this size in Italy (Noli in Liguria). They are awesome creatures
  13. Sbiriguda

    Eddystone Lighthouse

    Awesome, this is the place where they used the first type of modern concrete to build a lighthouse
  14. Sbiriguda

    How many dives does it take for one to be competent?

    I am not sure of this but i suspect a diver with 1000 dives repeated in the same place can be better than a diver with 100 dives in different places
  15. Sbiriguda

    How many dives does it take for one to be competent?

    Buoyancy, trim, etc can be learnt also in a pool. Of course it's not the same environment as the sea but generally those who are well trained and do good in the pool are the same that do well in the sea/lakes. Competence is also a concept that depends on your objectives. Do you want to have good...
  16. Sbiriguda

    Italian Frogmen (combat swimmers)

    Breve storia dell’autorespiratore a ossigeno – seconda parte • Ocean 4 Future I.A.C. mod. 49 - rebreather | BluTimeScubaHistory (in Italian) The first rebreathers adopted by the Italian navy were the Davies rebreathers, invented in England. The Zannoni company manufactured the Davies...
  17. Sbiriguda

    Diving Norway Fjords

    Hello Paolo Dive with killer Whales In this discussion you find some info on that Remember that in norway diving with orcas Is allowed only with rebreathers, not with tanks. Most people do snorkeling instead
  18. Sbiriguda

    Trip Report Gozo

    Thanks for your report very nice video The dives seem impressive I especially liked the wreck at the beginning of your video
  19. Sbiriguda

    Hello from Slovenia

    Hello welcome to the forum
  20. Sbiriguda


    I like the way you tag the name of the species because it's in a corner and it doesn't disturb the vision of the movie Very nice videos
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