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  1. KY_BOB

    What is this from the Gulf of Mexico???

    A fisherman friend of mine caught this on accident and released it but has no clue what it is. I've never seen one underwater and have no clue. It was caught in the Gulf near Gluf Shores. Can someone tell me, so that I can tell him? Please don't flog me. I would rather see it underwater...
  2. KY_BOB

    WTB: HD rear bulkhead for Tekna DV3x

    Mine is badly cracked. I know that I can get a new one from DPV repair but I thought I would see if anyone had one left over from a tube project or a scooter with a dead motor. I know it's a long shot that someone has a used one but it never hurts to ask. I am not interested in another thin...
  3. KY_BOB

    WTB: Manta Jr. reel

    I'm looking for a Manta Jr (would consider a Manta Sr.) reel. I need a reel for shooting a bag only, not for penetration dives. I've used a Manta and it seemed to work well for that. Scratches don't bother me but it must be in good mechanical condition and at a reasonable price. Let me know...
  4. KY_BOB

    My experience with Team W.A.T.E.R. in PCB

    I recently took a trip to Panama City to take a Deco procedures course under Michael Lawson, the owner of Team WATER. I would like to give kudos to him for being very flexible and working with me as far as times and dates. He was also a great instructor. He's very comprehensive in his...
  5. KY_BOB

    Diver who looked for Caylee sues Casey Anthony

    Any thoughts? Orlando Sentinel - Diver who looked for Caylee sues Casey Anthony
  6. KY_BOB

    What would you NOT store in an enclosed trailer?

    I'm considering buying an enclosed trailer primarily for my dive gear. If I do, it will be in my driveway when not being used. I'm not worried about theft, it will be locked and I life in a low crime area. It would be subject to extreme temperatures, cold in the winter and hot in the...
  7. KY_BOB

    Vortex Springs - what to do, where to eat?

    A buddy and I are diving Vortex and Morrison the first of next week. We are planning on staying at Vortex, unless someone has any other motel advise. Our plans are to drive down Sunday, dive Vortex Monday, and Morrison Tuesday. After that, we are playing it by ear. Does anyone have any...
  8. KY_BOB

    Great service from Sherwood!

    I sent them a email through their "contact us" link on their web page Saturday night. I got a phone call from Vince this morning. He spent over an hour with me getting the improper software uninstalled and the correct software installed so that I could download my dives. 2 big thumbs up to...
  9. KY_BOB

    Congrats John!

    "SULLIVAN2049" Congrats on getting certified. I know how much you had your mind set on it. I talked to your instructors, they said that It all came together well for you. I'm happy for you and would be happy to dive with you any time. I know that you've been well trained. Glad that...
  10. KY_BOB

    Wisdom 2 problems, please help.

    First, let me say that I really like the computer but it has done a couple of screwy things lately. Background on the computer. It was purchased new last November. It has aprox 50 dives on it. The battery has never been touched. The first problem is that the date and time are WAY off...
  11. KY_BOB

    Any one interested in some old steel 72's?

    I have a matched pair of steel yellow 72's that were made in 1973. I would consider selling them, even though I love diving them, because I want a pair of bigger tanks, that could be doubled in the future. They have almost new (less than a year old) K valves in them, were hydro'd and vis'd...
  12. KY_BOB

    Why did you become a diver?

    Maybe there is another thread like this but I haven't found it yet. I thought that it would be interesting to hear your stories. Here's mine: SCUBA diving is something that I've wanted to do for years. They offered a classes 10-12 or so years ago at the local pool with check-outs near...
  13. KY_BOB

    Sea Quest Black Diamond or Balance?

    Please do not tell me that I need to buy a BP/W. If I ever decide to tech dive, I'll buy one then. I plan on buying either the Black Diamond of Balance from the LDS within a week or two. I would like opinions/comparisons of them. The both have their pros and cons. Here's my take one them...
  14. KY_BOB

    Mid January dive trip?

    There will be 4 guys. We plan on staying in a cheap motel (any suggestions?) and chartering a boat with Florida West Scuba School. The hotel doesn't have to be nice. just clean and close to the dive shop. The only time we'll be there is to sleep. I know this isn't the best time of year but...
  15. KY_BOB

    Hi everyone.

    I'm Bob from Kentucky. I'm a total newbie to diving. I'm currently enrolled in a SSI open water class. I got started on my first confined water skills last weekend and had major problems with mask clearing. I started searching the net for tips and ran across this forum. It appears that...
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