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  1. davetowz

    MK6 1st stage only

    \ MK6 1st stage only, was using it to run a blowgun, I don't really like the pneumo clamp. $50.00 shipped, us only. I would get it serviced before diving it though.
  2. davetowz

    Old Wenoka knives

    Wenoka Sea Style knives 1-6" 1-5" $20.00 ea. shipped us only.
  3. davetowz

    Argon system

    New Dive Rite Argon reg with OPV, inflator hose and fresh hydro 6cf tank. No mount system included $150.00 shipped US only.
  4. davetowz

    Zeagle Scout L $175 shipped

    For sale: Zeagle Scout.Excellent condition. Size Large $175 shipped.Conus only.
  5. davetowz

    DUI Weight and trim

    Have a weight and trim classic in large and a weight and trim 2 in small. $70.00 plus shipping. Also have dive rite gaiters $25.00 plus shipping.
  6. davetowz

    Still shooting film

    Just curious, and was not sure where to post this (Mods, move if needed please) Does anyone still shoot 35mm Film, or has everyone switched to digital? I am pretty new @ U/W photog and shoot a basic point and shoot coolpix. Just curious if anyone still rolls it old school, and why?
  7. davetowz

    OTS XT-100 B Buddy phones

    I have a pair of OTS XT-100B buddy phones, hardly used is great shape. Must take as a pair.
  8. davetowz

    Labor Day weekend- Gilboa

    Anyone headed to Gilboa this weekend? I am headed up there for some fun diving with the staff of the dive shop I work with and would enjoy putting faces to names. Maybe even get a dive in with some of the names :)
  9. davetowz

    WSQ this weekend

    4-5 June heading to White Star, camping overnight and doing some night dives also, Anyone up for it?
  10. davetowz

    Stuck in AR, need to dive!

    got the urge bad, I have been dry for 2 weeks. Anyone diving this weekend in AR that would welcome an Ohio cold water guy to join in? I am in Little Rock for 2 weeks but will drive to dive!
  11. davetowz

    Little Rock Area weekdays

    I will be in Little Rock for 2 weeks starting Monday and would like to get some diving in in the weekdays. I will be available after 4:30 every day. Anyone near little Rock have any time to dive? Or know of good diving areas? Dave.
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