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  1. runsongas

    Apeks Drysuit dump valve - Anti friction washer

    the sitech washer is the same size i believe, can check local shops and they should only be like 3 bucks. maybe call up DRIS and ask too.
  2. runsongas

    Aqualung Titan and Suunto Vyper Computer - $50 - should I buy it??

    for the first stage, current titan 2nd is shared with calypso
  3. runsongas

    How to get trained for factory-authorized servicing?

    the problem is not finding a shop that would be willing to send you to get trained. it is agreeing to work at that dive shop doing reg servicing afterwards.
  4. runsongas

    Steel Catalina Tanks?

    XS Scuba DIN Valve
  5. runsongas

    Aqualung Titan and Suunto Vyper Computer - $50 - should I buy it??

    worth the asking price, but having to convert the titan to din is an issue if that was your plan on the pony. you have to source NOS for that part i believe at this point, which is not that easy.
  6. runsongas

    Second VIP test after Hydro test?

    @Angelo Farina h/y valves are only a thing because your area of europe seems allergic to diving doubles or sidemount
  7. runsongas

    Dating Zeagle Regulators by SN

    zx and envoy are both post apeks. the rebadged ones were the tech50d. the rebadged apeks are better regs imo though until the new revamp with improvements added from atomic.
  8. runsongas

    Second VIP test after Hydro test?

    yearly visual inspection started mainly due to not so dry fills in early lp72s. if you are getting good fills these days, the yearly visual is a formality. used to be the hydro stamp would be accepted as evidence of a visual for a year, but dive shops can't say no to free money.
  9. runsongas

    Some thoughts for assembling my first regulator set

    spare parts availability is straightforward in europe for apeks and not much different than for scubapro. depth gauges are pretty much obsolete these days because you then need a backup timing device. easier to get a 2nd cheap dive computer if desired.
  10. runsongas

    A Scuba Diving Instructor Salary Explained - How much do Dive Instructors earn?

    would require a certain number of active local divers with sufficient disposable income to contribute club dues (or a high number of expat divers) and sufficiently low insurance cost requirements could scale it if more instruction was local rather than destination.
  11. runsongas

    A Scuba Diving Instructor Salary Explained - How much do Dive Instructors earn?

    club model instruction (bsac/cmas), nobody gets paid :gas:
  12. runsongas

    Want to Buy Sherwood 6300

    since this in valves, do you mean you are looking for a replacement 300 bar 7/8 unf valve for a 3500 psi tank? and if so, you may want to be open to a thermo/beuchat/genesis valve too just to widen your search.
  13. runsongas

    Repairing a Sidemint Wing. Bladder Tear in Difficult Spot

    is the shell separable from the bladder? can try pinching off the torn portion and heat sealing with a leather iron (or even better if you have access to an impulse sealer that will go 400 to 500 F). if the bladder is bonded to the shell, tire patch/aquaseal and hope for the best. too bad it...
  14. runsongas

    Hollis DC2/212 with 100LX as Octo???

    that only refers to the official configurations that were submitted and passed for EN250 certification testing. no issue pairing the dc2 and LX100, just be aware it won't be officially EN250 certified.
  15. runsongas

    Aqualung regs...

    would look at apeks since you are in the UK, pretty much the standard reg for the area
  16. runsongas

    Downsizing Regs/Choosing Regs

    likely just needs some extra lube. i have a pair of scubapro regs that do that, just haven't bothered to rebuild yet.
  17. runsongas

    Apeks DIN conversion

    @Centrals look at the prices tab\ and the other nitrox regs XL4 - Oxygen Regulator MTX-R - Oxygen Regulator
  18. runsongas

    Apeks DIN conversion

    there is no difference outside europe, because only europe mandates usage of m26. you can buy the deco versions of the apeks regs in regular din outside europe.
  19. runsongas

    Apeks DIN conversion

    you can still buy the regular din also in europe, they just can't sell the factory o2 cleaned deco reg with that fitting
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