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  1. TSandM

    Most important skills for newbies to master?

    I'd say start with getting your weighting right, using the techniques you were taught. Then arrange the weights so that you can float in a horizontal position without having to scull much. Then go diving. I can guarantee you that you will get to practice mask clearing often enough -- masks...
  2. TSandM

    Safety stop : to do or not when panicked?

    The warm, happy, euphoric narc is pretty rare in cold, dark water. What is far more common, at least here in the PNW, is free-floating anxiety and tunnel vision -- lack of situational awareness. One of the things my husband does with the deep dive for his AOW class is to tell the students they...
  3. TSandM

    First time to Puerto Aventuras, need all the help I can get

    They won't be bringing tanks down from Cancun. They'll be renting them at Zero G. The first week won't be a problem, as long as they are taking their class from one of the tres amigos. (If you are taking the class with JP or somebody else who doesn't live there, be aware they'll expect you to...
  4. TSandM

    Hello, from Fort Lewis WA

    Welcome to the PNW and to :sblogo:! We have fabulous diving here. The Tacoma shore diving sites are close to you -- Les Davis is a great place to start out, but places like Titlow and Day Island Wall are amazing, and the Bandito charter folks are super. If you don't pick up any potential...
  5. TSandM

    Hello from Vancouver, BC!

    Oh, my goodness, why are you going to Maui to finish your certification? I ask as someone who had the same plan when she got certified, ten years ago. I got strong-armed into finishing in Puget Sound, and I am ever so grateful that I did. You are living in one of the finest places in the...
  6. TSandM

    OW starts in a week. Maybe I need to stop reading so much.

    You know, when you look at the number of people who dive, and the number of dives done worldwide per year, and how many of those people are intermittent divers at best, you realize diving is a surprisingly safe sport. You can make some BIG mistakes and live through them, if you don't compound...
  7. TSandM

    First time to Puerto Aventuras, need all the help I can get

    It's convenient to stay in PA, because you are right where ZG is, and you have restaurants and stores within walking distance. There are a lot of condos in PA for rent, at various price points, from studios to 3 bdrm units. You can go through Chris LeMaillot's wife, Marina, to rent, or through...
  8. TSandM

    Deep diving 11 days after sustaining concussion?

    I think that's wise. Post-concussive symptoms often involve problems with concentration and memory, which will likely get worse with narcosis. Wait until the symptoms completely resolve.
  9. TSandM

    Hello from Tacoma, WA!!

    Welcome to the PNW! You have a nice, benign dive site in Tacoma, at Les Davis, with reasonable parking and an easy entry. And you have a fantastic charter boat operator in the Bandito crew -- Rick has been at it a LONG time, and really knows his sites.
  10. TSandM

    Light Handle/Angle?

    I don't think most people swim with their hands clasped. My light sits along the long axis of my hand, and I point my hand at what I want to see. My light is usually in motion as I look around me.
  11. TSandM

    Question to Santi Drysuit owners

    I have the E-lite, but I've never been aware of anything preventing it from folding down properly, except that the suit material itself is rather stiff.
  12. TSandM

    LP 95 or no?

    Have a great time on the Peace! That's my favorite SoCal dive boat. They don't have any problem managing any sort of tank, or tanks, or scooters, or deco bottles, or . . .
  13. TSandM

    replacement harness webbing

    Another vote for the Halcyon webbing. My only annoyance was that it only came in black and blue -- but now they have black and yellow, and I'm happy. The texture of the webbing is perfect.
  14. TSandM

    Sinking legs

    HERE is a lovely article about trim. It starts with posture -- if you are allowing your hip joints to flex, you will always rotate to a head up position. If you are flat from the shoulders to the knees, then you can begin to work on static weighting. Most configurations can be trimmed out, in...
  15. TSandM

    The pursuit of Records in Diving (depth, etc)

    I don't think you can. No matter what area you choose, there are those who want the "-est" -- deepest, longest, further, fastest, highest, whatever. In any activity where there are risks, things sort out over time to define "generally regarded as safe", or the limits where most people of...
  16. TSandM

    LP 95 or no?

    I used single 95s for a long time, and I didn't have any problem with them, except that they are darned heavy! They aren't uncommon tanks up here in the PNW -- they hold a reasonable amount of gas and they aren't as unwieldy as the 130s. I prefer HP100s, which are smaller and lighter, but...
  17. TSandM

    ankle weights for drysuit, how much weight?

    I would highly recommend fin keepers, especially if your boots are a bit big. They helped me a LOT and I still use them. Physics is inexorable, and static weighting is what it is. If you are using plastic fins and an aluminum tank, a weight-integrated BC or waist belt may not be able to get...
  18. TSandM

    Rescue diving course-what did you wish you knew going in?

    Not a bad idea to practice a few of the emergency procedures you were taught in OW -- do a couple of air-shares, for example. Don't change your gear -- First off, you should learn how to manage things in what you intend to dive, and second, if there are any drawbacks to the configuration you...
  19. TSandM

    How long did it take you to become comfortable in a drysuit?

    I wouldn't say that diving a dry suit is necessarily more restrictive, per se, but it will always require a bit more awareness and forethought than a wetsuit. You CAN assume any position in a dry suit, but you have to be aware of the dynamics of doing so, and make any needed adjustments ahead...
  20. TSandM

    Logging dives -- need a new recommendation

    Diving Log 5.0. Easy import, and you can search the log on various fields.
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