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  1. James R

    Wakatobi Pelagian RIBs and ladders

    We are going to Wakatobi for a week at resort and a week on the Pelagian fairly soon (before you go). I'll be able to confirm whats what for you. We also just did spice islands on Damai II - we loved the boat and the diving on that itinerary, except the one dive that was so cold (64f) - that...
  2. James R

    Computer for video/photo's on liveaboard

    I use a 15” MacBook Pro w/16GB RAM, 1TB SSD, and 2GB GeForce video. It works well for both, though I do primarily photo work with it. FWIW the raw files I’m processing are around 100MB uncompressed 14bit or 60 or so if I use lossless compressed.
  3. James R

    Nikon D850

    I'll be taking my D850 and Nauticam housing to Sipadan fairly soon, so it'll get a good mix of macro and wide angle. I was tempted to try the WACP, but the 4k price tag made me decide not to for this trip since it'll be mostly macro aside from a few dives at Sipadan island. I hope we get there...
  4. James R

    Wonder how many PARALENZ users are in this forum!

    I bought one for a DM that helps me with classes a lot. So far he's been super happy with the results, and no issues.
  5. James R

    Windy Point

    I was just at 100' for a couple dives on Sunday (Sep 9). Viz was easily 20' and quite nice as long as you're in the front and not following a bottom farmer ;)
  6. James R

    Windy Point

    Windy Point Park.
  7. James R

    Windy Point

    Did four dives there over the weekend, max 60' (OW class) - viz was really good, easily 15ft. Below 40' I personally want a wetsuit, above that, none needed.
  8. James R

    The 'safety' stop

    The danger: over-processing leading to purple water?
  9. James R

    Dive Photos that Sell!?

    I have sold a good number of prints via the typical websites, which to date total enough to pay for maybe the memory cards I just bought for my D850. Fortunately I don't need underwater photo income to pay my mortgage, else I'd be on someone's couch begging for an extra month before getting...
  10. James R

    Nikon D850

    I have a D5, so I have a good idea already of what it should do, especially in lower light. I probably won’t get to dive with it until fall, but it’ll be worth the wait - Sipadan!
  11. James R

    Nikon D850

    I have a new D850. Ive actually had it since March 2nd, but haven’t even opened the boxes the stuff came in yet haha Anyway, I’ll be using a Nauticam housing. I am a huge fan of their stuff, and I have all the ports and such I’ll need already from the D810 setup I sold recently. Honestly...
  12. James R

    Nauticam M14 vacuum port old design vs new design plus cap gripe

    That is not awesome. I don't really love the old wheel design, but it has never failed me, and I have left the cap on the boat a couple times.
  13. James R

    Closed: SOLD Nauticam housing for Nikon D810 - NA-D810

    Oops! Thanks..fixed the link.
  14. James R

    Closed: SOLD Nauticam housing for Nikon D810 - NA-D810

    I am selling my Nauticam NA-D810 housing w/vacuum system & pump. Housing is in very good condition, has never leaked or had any issues of any kind. I am not sure how many dives it has on it, but I can tell you it has been on just five trips. The vacuum system was installed by Optical Ocean Sales...
  15. James R

    For Sale GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition + LCD + Dive Housing etc

    GoPro Hero3 black edition w/LCD back screen. No issues at all, works great, no damage at all. It's a great little action camera, that I never use. Items pictured are what I am selling. I took the photos on 3/18/18 Includes: two (2) batteries, battery charger, upgraded underwater housing...
  16. James R

    Sea and Sea YS-D2J or Inon Z330?

    I have been using my Inon z-240 since 2013 (around 12 or 13 trips)...Zero issues. If I were to buy new, Z330 no doubt.
  17. James R

    Rescue course -- in sidemount?

    If you always, or mostly, dive SM or doubles, I think practicing the scenarios in those configurations absolutely has a point. If you come across a diver in distress or unresponsive and you need to perform a rescue, being able to get out of your own kit efficiently could prove important. Likely...
  18. James R

    Rescue course -- in sidemount?

    I would allow it, and have in the past, but as mentioned it's up to the instructor. A DM helping me would also often swap between back mount and SM for Rescue scenarios. Students usually appreciate the added challenges and such.
  19. James R

    1.4 Teleconvertor use?

    Didn't intend to pull a Captain Obvious on you :D
  20. James R

    1.4 Teleconvertor use?

    When you shoot underwater, especially with a fisheye, you have to get closer then even closer (without smashing your dome or port into the critter or reef) :)
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